4th international congress and exhibition “Hydropower. Central Asia and the Caspian 2019 ”(February 19-20, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan)

The 4th Annual International Congress and Exhibition “Hydropower Central Asia and the Caspian” is a professional platform for dialogue, exchange of experience, finding solutions and consolidating efforts of government and business representatives for the effective implementation of a number of projects for the construction and reconstruction / modernization of hydropower plants in the region (Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan).

The most interesting in the program of the event:

Strategic Plenary Session: hydropower development in Central Asia and the Caspian: international cooperation, plans of governments, initiators and investors

Projects: the latest information on hydropower construction and modernization projects in Central Asia and the Caspian

Practical examples from companies successfully implementing hydropower construction and modernization projects in the region

Exclusive Exhibition Innovative Solutions and Equipment - Construction, Modernization, Improving Efficiency

Business and networking opportunities: Gala dinner, interactive round tables, one-on-one meetings and much more

Regular participants of the event: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Uzbekhydroenergo, RusHydro, Samruk-Energy, Power Plants, Chakan Hydroelectric Power Station, International Finance Corporation, Hydroproject Institute, Engurhesi, Georgian International Energy Corporation, Georgian Energy Development Fund, Adzharistskali Georgia, Asian Development Bank ENERGO-PRO Georgia, Gross Energy Group, Phazisi Energy, Kairakkum Hydroelectric Power Station, International Energy Corporation, KazHydro Operating and many others.

Milan Stavnaya
Forum Leader
Tel: +7 495 109 9 509
Email: MStavnaya@vostockcapital.com
Web: https://www.hydropowercongress.com/


ArcVera Renewables' Study Proves Its Wind Energy Resource Assessments Reach 100% Mean Accuracy

ArcVera Renewables, a leading provider of consulting and technical services for wind and solar projects with more than 30 years of experience, has developed and published earlier this year an ambitious benchmark report that aimed to deliver a thorough analysis of the performance of its wind energy resource assessment (WERA) practice across a broad range of operating wind projects.

Based on a dataset composed of 31 projects it worked on in the United States, combining 3.5GW of installed capacity and 212 years of operation, the report provides a detailed comparison between the pre-construction assessments using ArcVera's advanced WERA practices and the actual post-construction energy production data.

The results of the study show that ArcVera's wind assessment techniques are accurate to within about 1% on average of reported project P50 energy production, which becomes near zero mean bias after accounting for grid curtailment.  In addition, the benchmark study indicated that ArcVera's wind assessments have lower individual project performance variation than in the past. With an average project performance bias close to zero, ArcVera's advanced methodology yields an average project performance of 98.8% for the 31 projects.  Given that estimates of grid curtailment losses, typically at 1 to 1.5%, are not corrected for in most benchmark assessments, ArcVera's overall project performance is effectively 100% in terms of accuracy.

Even more impressively, the results show that the risk of building a wind farm that significantly over- or under-performs is limited by applying ArcVera's techniques, with an industry-leading 4.7% standard deviation of project performance.  No firm is currently assessing wind farms with the accuracy achieved by ArcVera.

"For over thirty years, ArcVera Renewables has provided finance-grade consulting and technical services for wind and solar energy clients worldwide, including the very first bankable WERA delivered in 1989 in California. Our track record is second to none, and we wanted to make public the data that supports that claim. We have consistently delivered accurate and bankable insights backed by advanced technical expertise and decades of global experience. That kind of highly specialized services is what you need to make sure that confident project development decisions are taken, maximum technically-driven advantage is secured, and performance risk is minimized," commented John Bosche, President and Principal Engineer at ArcVera Renewables.

ArcVera Renewables is a recognised pioneer of WERA practices, which evaluated more than 60% of the installed wind capacity in the US.  The Colorado-based company worked on the very first wind farm in eighteen US states, as well as Puerto-Rico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and, shortly, El Salvador.

Asia-Pacific Water Heating Exhibition 2019 (AWHE 2019) August 16-18

China Produced 50.26 Million Pieces of Water Heaters in 2017
Data from CNIC registers that by the end of 2017, China was home to 4000+ water heater makers, which collectively produced 50.26 million pieces of water heaters (22.8 million pieces of electric water heater, 18.4 million pieces of gas water heaters, 7.4 million pieces of solar power water heaters, and 1.66 million pieces of heat pump water heaters).

Review of AWHE 2018 
AWHE 2018 brought together a wide-ranging selection of esteemed brands in the field, such as Wilo, Grundfos, Dongfei, Enfit, Vinreet, Bedford, Zeshunpu, Tai Lake Star, Sanghui, Maxcozi, KP-Link, SolarShine, Richeng, Minamoto, DIBETTER, and etc. Over 1000 new products were released on site, making the event a truly magnificent festival of water heating technology for insiders alike.

Preview of AWHE 2019
As one of the primary events of its line in China, AWHE 2019 is going to concerntratedly display the new generation of green & smart water heating technologies. 80% exhibitors from 2018 would like to exhibit again in 2019. The 20,000 sq.m show floor of AWHE 2019 is going to be packed with buyers from over 40 countries and regions!

Exhibition Scope:
Heat Pump Product and Equipment                             
Solar Water Heating Equipment
Electric Water Heater
Gas Water Heater
Related Accessories and Equipment, Water Management System, Hot Water Solution, Energy-saving Hot Water Project, etc.

Concurrent Trade Shows:
The 15th China Guangzhou International Electric Heating Exhibition (GEHE 2019)
The 11th Guangzhou International Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition (PV Guangzhou 2019)
The 14th China Heat Energy Exhibition
Guangzhou International Heating Boiler and Combustion Systems Expo 2019

For more information about AWHE 2019

Date: August 16-18, 2019
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex
Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Website: http://www.whstgz.com/index.php?lang=en


Montenergo: 7th ENERGY FAIR

7th ENERGY FAIR to be held from September 25th to 29th 2019. The Event will be held in the same period as 41st Civil Engineering Fair and 14th Water-water supply systems-sanitary technologies fair. The combination of these events represents an opportunity for exhibitors to use benefits of the synergy of fair platforms.

Guided by the knowledge about global energy deficit, importance of increasing conscience about rational use of energy, energy efficiency and energy saving measures, Adriatic Fair Budva organizes the 7th International Energy Fair.

Energy Fair is an opportunity for companies, state and academic institutions, professional associations and individuals who operate in the field of reasearch, development, production, transfer, distribution and rationalizaton of energy use to present new technologies and achievements.

Fair event puts emphasis on energy efficiency, alternative and renewable energy sources, as well as the transmission of electricity. With the promotion of new products and technology, fair platform may point out the strengths and qualities of modern solutions in the construction and equipping of facilitiesin a quality manner.

Within the fair event will be organized rich, comprehensive and diverse program created according to the actual economic trends in collaboration with state and academic institutions, professional associations and individuals from the energy sector area.

For more info

E-mail: office@jadranskisajam.co.me 


The 8th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Exhibition (APBE 2019)

The 8th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Exhibition (APBE 2019)
Date: August 16-18, 2019
Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex
Address: No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China
Website: http://www.apbechina.com/

Biomass to Contribute to China's Green Future
China¡¯s 13th five-year plan for the bioenergy industry is that by 2020, the nation¡¯s annual consumption of biomass energy will be equivalent to 58 million tons of standard coals. The installed capacity for biomass power generation will stand at 15 million kilowatt. Yearly consumption of biomass-to-liquid fuel and biomass pellets will respectively reach 6 million tons and 30 million tons.

Review of APBE 2018
APBE 2018 was successfully concluded with 160+ exhibitors, such as ROSHT (Korea), Polytechnik (Austria), Kingwood, Lvding Energy, Dizhonghai Boiler, Bioene, Lvtan Group, Dingliang, BSR, Vonton, Greenman, DLS, Hongxin Machinery, etc. Boilers & Burners enjoyed an overwhelming representation of 38%, followed by Pellet (19.9%), Briquette Fuels & Equipment (19.1%), Accessories (14.7%), and Bio Gasification (8.1%).

Preview of APBE 2019
Ranking among the world's top biomass trade shows, APBE 2019 is going to be staged on a show floor of 18,000 sq.m with 200+ exhibitors. The 6th Asia-Pacific Bioenergy Summit will give you a glimpse at the forefront of biomass technology.

What¡¯s more, the show will be held under the same roof as 2019 China Heat Energy Exhibition (Heat China 2019) and the 11th Guangzhou Int'l Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition 2019 (PV Guangzhou 2019), offering more heating and energy solutions!

Exhibition Scope
Biomass molding fuel and manufacturing equipment;
Biomass boilers, combustors, stoves, boiler improvement and heating service companies;
Biomass gasification technologies and equipment;
Biogas technologies & engineering equipment;
Comprehensive utilization of crop straw;
Biomass & garbage power technologies and equipment, integrated garbage treatment, recycling of industrial waste gas and heat;
Advanced biology liquid fuel and refining technologies;
Related technologies and equipment of biomass combined heat and power generation;
Detection, evaluation and certification institutions, marine biomass energy, etc

If you don't want to miss out on this grand event, then please mark its date and venue, and register for your free digital ticket now!

Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
Contact Person: Jenny (Ms.)
Tel: +86 20 2918 8293
Mobile/Whatapp/Wechat: +86 158 7655 8395
E-mail: jenny0124@aliyun.com
Website: www.apbechina.com


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