Eurostat: percent of electricity from renewable sources in EU 2016 in each country

At the level of EU Member States, in five countries more than half of the electricity consumed in 2016 was generated from renewable sources: Austria (73 %), Sweden (65 %), Portugal and Denmark (both 54 %) and Latvia (51 %). In contrast, there were four countries where less than 10 % of the electricity consumed in 2016 came from renewable sources: Malta (6 %), Luxembourg and Hungary (both 7 %) and Cyprus (9 %).

source: Eurostat


Eurostat: Electricity generation from renewable sources in EU 2016

In 2016, electricity generation from renewable sources contributed more than one quarter (30 %) to total gross electricity consumption in the European Union (EU). Hydro power is the most important source, followed closely by wind power and then solar power. Other renewable sources for generating electricity include wood, biogas, renewable waste and geothermal energy.

Source: Eurostat


Serbia: UniCredit Bank Serbia receives €5.1 million loan for boosting energy efficiency

The EBRD is providing a loan of up to €5.1 million to UniCredit, in Serbia, to enhance its financing of the green economy. UniCredit Serbia is the second-largest bank in the country and second bank with EBRD support for energy efficiency.

The funds will be on-lent for investments in high-performance energy efficiency technologies, materials and solutions in residential buildings, for example to replace windows or doors, retrofit facades, procure heating equipment or thermal insulation material, PV panels, heat pumps, and other measures.

The goal is to reduce energy intensity and improve energy efficiency in accordance with the EBRD’s Green Economy Transition (GET) approach. With these investments households will not only become more energy efficient but will also decrease their greenhouse gas emissions, reducing their impact on the environment.

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Romania: Transelectrica supports the victims of the floods from June to July 2018

The National Power Grid Company Transelectrica SA from Romania is close to the people affected by the floods from June to July 2018 and granting through the Red Cross organization a total humanitarian aid of 40,000 lei ( approx 9000 euro).

Transelectrica offered sponsorships for the projects "Flood Victims Support 2018" and "Union for the Community - Post-Disaster Humanitarian Assistance for Victims of Floods", implemented by the Red Cross and Vrancea Red Cross, respectively. Beneficiaries of these projects are the victims of the two counties, Neamţ and Vrancea from Romania. The amounts awarded will be used to rehabilitate homes and household annexes affected by floods, as well as to distribute food and clothing to the families affected.

Also in the same line of social involvement, Transelectrica also sponsored the project "We Give Together", the Tulcea Red Cross, which consists of distributing food and hygiene products to the needy families in Tulcea County.

"We are glad to be able to join the people affected by natural disasters lately and help them with Red Cross volunteers to rebuild their lives. It is our duty to engage responsibly in community issues and to offer our support wherever it is necessary, especially when it comes to humanitarian actions, "said Adrian Constantin RUSU, Chief Executive Officer, President of the Transelectrica Directorate.


Turkey: EBRD financing with US$ 50 million four wind farms, US$ 52 million nine solar projects

The EBRD, a leading financier of renewable energy in Turkey and its other regions of operations, is providing a financing package of up to US$ 102 million to the renewable energy arm of the Turkish conglomerate Akfen Holding. The funds will be invested in building four new wind farms and nine solar PV plants with a combined capacity of 327MW.

The company is investing in four new wind farms with a total capacity of 242 MW: Ucpinar (99 MW), Kocalar (26 MW) and Hasanoba (51 MW) in Çanakkale, a province in north-western Turkey on the Dardanelles Strait, and Denizli (66 MW) in the eponymous province in the south west of the country.

For nine new solar photovoltaic plants in five locations across Turkey, the EBRD is lending up to US$ 52 million. The combined capacity of the new solar PV plants will be 85MW.

source EBRD



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