Energy Transition Conference 2018

Between October 30-31, 2018, the second edition of the Energy Transition conference organized by the Romanian Association for Wind Energy was held. Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Vice President of ANRE, participated in the discussions on the development of the energy transition, the expectations and challenges of the renewable energy sector in the 2030s and the positioning of renewable energy as a pillar of sustainable development.

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Results of Solar Decathlon ME 2018 contests

At Solar Decathlon ME 2018 contests  was teams from United Arab Emirates, Australia, France,
Italy, Malaysia, Netherlands, Palestine, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan and United States.

The 2018 edition of this competition is organized by DEWA, in Dubai at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. SDME consists of 10 contests that will follow the lines of those in previous editions of the competition, although having the necessary customization to challenge the teams to adapt their designs to the heat, dust & high humidity that we experience in the Middle East. The projects are developed by multidisciplinary teams, giving the students the opportunity to learn about technical issues, teamwork, communication skills, and sustainable lifestyle and socio-economic issues in order to ensure the viability of their project.


RoEnergy Fair in Bucuresti, Romania 2019

energy efficiency solutions in buildings
energy management
building management system (BMS)
heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC)
LED technology
monitoring and control energy system
energy infrastructure
passive house and insulation

photovoltaics, solar thermal
• mono- & poly-crystalline, amorphous PV modules
• AC inverters
• cabling components for PV systems
• mounting structures for PV systems
• turn-key grid-connected PV plants
• solar tracking PV plants
• roof-integrated PV plants
• fa├žade-integrated PV plants
• PV systems & hybrid systems for off-grid applications
• PV street lighting
• flat plate, evacuated pipes, unglazed & air solar collectors
• solar boilers, piping & components for solar thermal system
• complete natural & forced circulation DHW systems
• combined space heating & DHW solar systems
• combined solar thermal & gas systems
• solar cooling
• concentration systems for solar thermal power

biomass, biogas, liquid biofuels
• Woodlogs, woodchips & woodpellets gasification boilers
• biomass district heating
• combined solar thermal & biomass systems
• steam cycle, gasification, Stirling engine biomass-fired CHP
• farm, landfill & sewage biogas plants
• biodiesel & vegetables oil burners

hydropower, windpower, geothermal energy
• turbines, components & turn-key mini- hydro plants
• large-hydro plant refurbishment
• offgrid & grid-connected small-scale windpower
• windfarms
• turn-key geothermal heating & cooling plants
• geothermal well drilling
• heat pumps

Cogeneration, Trigeneration
• biogas- & natural gas-fired ICE CHP plants
• natural gas microturbines
• diesel- & biofuels-fired ICE CHP plants
• tri-generation plants
• industrial cogeneration

LED Technologies
• energy efficiency
• long-term life
• color
• shock resistance
• size

hydrogen and fuel cells
• distributed generation with fuel cells systems
• fuel cells vehicles
• hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine vehicles

• renewable energy planning, resource assessment
• project development & design
• green labelling, renewable energy trading
• performance contracting, third party financing
• renewable energy heat service & leasing schemes
• green energy banking & financing schemes
• carbon management, carbon trading, joint implementation
• technology information & transfer
• R&D, demonstration, testing & certification


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Drives like a family car, flies autonomously, for door-to-door commute

NFT Inc. a Silicon Valley developer of autonomous commuter transportation solutions, will present the concept of their state of the art 2 or 4-seater eVTOL (electric Vertical Landing & Takeoff) at CES 2019 Eureka Park (Booth 51701).

Key differentiators of the NFT eVTOL:
Fly and Drive Door-to-Door eVTOL with target of 500 km autonomous flight and 100km drive
Easily parks and charges in a garage or on-street parking, no heliport or special airstrip needed Enables people to live outside a major city and have a short, convenient door-to-door commute to work.

NFT’s innovative edge is a crack team of engineers, experts in their field and problem-solvers who love challenges, who have combined experience of 20–34 years in developing world leading aircraft, drones and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

The company’s vision is to significantly reduce transit congestion in and out of urban areas and turn daily door-to-door commutes into an easy, stress-free experience, leading to reduced environmental impact and a higher quality of life in mega-cities. The manufacturing model for the NFT drive and fly vehicle, which bridges automotive and aviation, will enable it to be priced in the range of a family car, making autonomous commuting an affordable reality.

Guy Kaplinsky, Co-founder and Chairman, comments: “People like to have privacy, convenience, and quality time in their commuting experience. We’re addressing that by offering a unique drive and fly vehicle that you can pull out of the garage and drive down the street. Then stop the car, program your destination, and take off vertically. Sit back and enjoy a quick and easy commute to work – the ultimate door-to-door solution.” 

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The Romanian-Kazakh Investment Fund for Energy was set up

On October 26, 2018, KazMunayGas International (KMGI) and the Energy Participation Management Company (SAPE), owned by the Romanian Ministry of Energy signed the association agreement establishing the Romanian-Kazakh Energy Investment Fund.

The establishment of the investment fund is stipulated in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Romanian State and KMGI (former Rompetrol Group).

The Romanian-Kazakh Fund envisages an investment level of about $ 1 billion over a seven-year period.

The shareholder structure of the investment fund that will carry out projects in the field of energy is: KMGI - 80% and the Romanian state - 20%.

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