First solar water heating systems installed in a remote village of Albania – Theth

Theth  is a remote village in Northern Albania with a community fighting poverty with a low-income, which lacks electricity and a local power station, but is also a national park, one of Albania’s largest woodlands, home for endangered species and wonderful  views.

Trying to promote tourism in this area for several years and trying to promote the technology of solar systems, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, with the support of UNDP Climate Change Programme, Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF/SGP) and in collaboration with the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and Procredit Bank have inaugurated this year, in 20-th of  July the first solar water heating systems installed on 11 guesthouses.

In this project  2012 GEF/SGP and UNDP Solar Water Heating project decided to provide 11 guesthouses with solar water heaters in order to provide hot water for domestic use and showers.

In 2011, after several years of promoting the guesthouses tourism 12,000 guests visited the 23 operational guesthouses , comparing with 300 guests in 2006. Tourism can become the salvation of Theth, taking into consideration that few activities are profitable here due to the remoteness of the village, distance from market and poor quality of the land.
One of the companies which supported the project financially is ProCredit Bank, a financial institution which cooperates with Solar Water Heating project in Albanian market of energy efficiency financial products.

Florentina Staicu

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