A new test regarding the energy efficiency in photovoltaic systems

TUV Rheinland has developed a new test in order to make compared measurements of different energy productions. Energy efficiency of the photovoltaic systems is a subject that has just started to be discussed, but there were a lot of difficulties to measure it until now. Starting with the beginning of February 2013, when it’s expected to begin this new test, we will have a better view on this subject.

From now on hopefully the data available in this energy production of photovoltaic systems will be more and accurate. With this occasion different photovoltaic modules, made by various manufacturers, will be compared in order to determine the energy efficiency of each one. The result of this test should be accurate enough having in view that all the modules could be tested under the same conditions, at the same time, making possible the recording of synchronous measurement data.

Florentina Staicu

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