Bulgaria: new hybrid photo-thermal collector from Sunsystem

As everybody knows the renewable energy sector is the future but it is still at its beginnings. This is the moment when some companies acting in this field are trying to improve the systems.

Having in view on one hand that PV module as well as the solar thermal collectors need a high solar activity to perform at their best capacity, and on the other hand high solar activity is possible only in warm seasons, determining the system not to run at their maximum efficiency , Sunsystem has created a new hybrid photo-thermal collector, called SUNSYSTEM PT, which is a combination between a solar thermal collector and a PV module.

The new concept of Sunsystem PT is a cell that has ca ability to permanently cool down using the thermal absorber passing behind the cell layer. This new hybrid performs simultaneously two functions because the heat absorbed from PV is used for heating the water if is connected to a DHW system.

The main advantages of the new PVT are the compact design (spare mounting space), higher electricity field (comparing with the regular PV) and the fact that it powers a hot water system.

There are 3 models of PVT: SUNSYSTEM VTC 15, SUNSYSTEM VTC 20, SUNSYSTEM VTC 30, all of them having high performances and maximum capture of solar radiations, representing a solution for any solar installation.

Frimu Ghinea

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