New EU rules will lead to solar market growth in Eastern Europe

A new European directive requires Member States of UE, starting with December 31st, 2020 to build only buildings with very high energy performance, the so called buildings “nearly zero-energy”.
The “nearly zero-energy” building is well insulated and has the capacity to produce most of its energy consumption from renewable sources by using equipments that will be provided in buildings or in their nearest area.

The directive refers to all that means consumption for heating, cooling, hot water production and consumption of lighting required if non-residential buildings. As an exception, public administration buildings housing must meet the requirements of this standard starting with December 31st, 2018 – two years earlier.
This new European directive aims to build housing with a very high energy performance, building able to secure energy mostly from renewable energy sources. With its implementation will produce a significant increase in solar market in Eastern Europe.

Florentina Staicu

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