SDE 2012 was a great opportunity for Romanian and Hungarian students

Two teams, both of them from Eastern Europe, have impressed on Solar Decathlon from Madrid, Spaign which took place in october 2012. The two teams are from Hungary - Odoo and from Romania - Prispa. Both have succeded to place themselves on meritorious ranks, the 6th place for the Hungarian team and the 9th place for the Romanian team.SDE 2012 has been the most visited edition in the history of the competition. The Villa Solar has received over  220,000 visits, 64,094 of which were guided tours.

More than 5,000 children from different schools of Madrid carried out the activities developed by 10Action for Solar Decathlon Europe in order to raise awareness of responsible use of renewable energy in buildings. Over 2,000 university students and more than 6,000 professionals have also visited the solar houses.

Solar Decathlon Europe has also had a notable presence in social networks: Facebook, with 8,872 followers, has reached, during de competition, 124,000 people; Twitter, with 2,165 followers has come, in the same period, to 120,000 people. The web audience has also increased with 144,213 visits in the competition days, and the blog has had 5,700 views.

Frimu Ghinea

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