Bulgaria: interest in solar energy projects moves to rural areas

After the solar energy projects won the interest of the cities, the interest has found new areas in Bulgaria - the rural areas. In the last months of 2012 the State Fund of Agriculture approved around 300 projects from a total of 700 investment proposals. Among these 300 projects aproved we will find 37 photovoltaic projects.The subsidies for these projects are granded under the measures that the Rural Development Program has adopted in order to increase the non-agricultural activities and support the development of micro-enterprises.

These solar parks will have smaller istallations which are expected to support local business by reducing the expenses with energy of these companies. After finishing the construction of these photovoltaic systems they will be connected to tha national grid.

Another helpful measure is that the state is guaranteeing long-term contract for purchasing this electricity at preferential tariffs. This entire project wants to encourage micro enterprises to diversify their business in rural areas.

Florentina Staicu

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