Good idea for Eastern Europe : former waste storage is covered with solar panels in Italy

In the City of Osio Sotto , Italy, for 15 years a field called Scarletti, running along the A4 motorway, was used for dumping waste, creating biogas. This is the reason why the city chose this area in order to transform it into a photovoltaic park. The investors were hard to find so the City had to use the formula of the public partnership.

So, an association of companies which finances the operations carried out the works and the City will pay for the installment in leasing. The project is covering an area of 20,000 sqm and is covered with large solar panels with a power of 980 KWh. The park is owned by the City, a public property and will produce revenues of around 190,000 euros per year.

After paying the installment of 120,000 euros the city will gain a profit of around 70,000 euros per year. This will be partially use for the maintenance works. The photovoltaic park is planned to be used during 20 years of activity.

Florentina Staicu

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