Passive house: concept and functioning

passive house - less money to pay to energy
Since the renewable energy started to become an interest of the wide world people had thought of ways to transform their houses in efficient builginds and to lower the demand of energy for heating. That's how the concept of "passive house" appeared.

The passive house is a house able to reduce the consumed energy 10 times than for a traditional house or which is able to even eliminate the heating system. In order to achieve these the house must fulfill certain manadatory requirements: the building must be a compact structure that does not allow energy losses, to be very well insulated and to use mordern technologies.

The house would only need an intelligent ventilation system consisting in a heat pump air - air. This ventilation system ensure clean and warm air in the house without the necessity to open the windows. The demand for heating a passive house is less than 15 kWh/sqm/year.

Currently there are thousands of passive house throughout Eastern Europe and their number is increasing rapidly thanks to the awareness that renewable energy in the future of energy.

Frimu Ghinea

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