Romania: the first block with solar panels

1/15/20130 comentarii

So far most of the solar panels in Romania were installed on the roofs of the houses or office buildings.  300 people from Bucharst, apartment owners, decided to reduce the cost of gas and hot water through installation of 40 solar panels. The total investment amounted to 35,000 euros.

Most of the money were raised by collecting rent from the communication companies which have installed antenas on the block and the remaining 5,000 euros were paid by the owners, 25 lei for 5 months for each apartment. After eight months of struggle to obtain permits, the owners are happy about their investment.

During summer they no longer depend on the block gas central and they pay nothing for the hot water and in winter they succeded to reduce the invoice to gas by 10% and to reduce the invoice to water by 15%.

Frimu Ghinea
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