Romania : Braila, the wind of change

wind energy in Romania
Situated on the “wind corridor” of Romania, Braila County was in the last years a target for investments in wind energy. Here are already present local, national and international players - all of them with announced projects which they are financing and from time to time information regarding their successes are released to the press.

The first wind farm was developed in Gemenele Commune by Braila Winds Energy SRL. This project is fully functional and has an installed power of 48MW. Moreover, this success story was strengthened through a sale of the park to GDF Suez Energy Romania, an active player in the market. After this success, Braila Winds Energy SRL is interested in developing a new project to which they also prepared a policy of sale to a larger company.

Filasa International, through its subsidiary Eolenvest SRL wants to develop three wind farms with a total capacity of 400MW. The investment will start in late 2013 and will run most of it in 2014. The chosen location is Insuratei City, the same City where another wind farm is announced with an installed power of 10MW.

The picture is completed by another 3 new projects in three Communes: Urleasca, with an announced investment in 4 projects totaling 10 MW installed power, Surdila Gaiseanca with 28MW and Salcia Tudor with 50MW.

Catching up with projects under 10MW each are Ianca, Bordei Verde, Victoria, Dudesti and Cuza Voda. The last on the list is Silistea Commune with only one wind turbine.

Looking to the big picture of solar investments of Braila we can say that the prospects are good, especially since much of the funding comes from large companies which are sometimes behind financial vehicles such as SRL type. Also we can conclude that most of the projects will be sold after their completion. All that we have to do is to observe with interest the development of this new industry in this part of the country.

Mihai Vintila  
Romania, renewable energy consultant

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