Romania: new photovoltaic park in Arad

A new photovoltaic park is under construction in Sebis, Arad. This will be the largest photovoltaic park in Romania and one of the largest in Europe, according to Mediafax. A total of 100 mil euros were alocated for developing 3 projects in Sebis, on a total of 200 ha. The first 2 parks, using 44 ha, are under construction and here will be installed around 72,000 photovoltaic panels with 15 MW instalated power.

Is estimated that these will be finished in march - april 2013. The third project will have 50MW instalated power and will have around 150 ha. It is estimated that after finishing the entire project the energy produced by the Park will ensure the need of energy for around 100,000 people and will increase with 50% the income to the City Hall. This Project will also provide to the area around 100 new permanent working places.

Florentina Staicu

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