Siemens, Viesmann to cooperate with SCM in launching energy efficient technologies in Ukraine

The German companies Siemens and Viesmann consider SCM Group as a prospective partner and are ready to actively cooperate with it in the implementation of energy efficient technologies. Siemens Ukraine CFO Thomas Stuemer said during a round table organized for German businessmen in Donetsk that his company was already implementing two very interesting projects with DTEK.

"This is renewable energy, particularly wind power, and modernization of the functioning power plants - upgrade of turbines and automation. Under this project, we signed in August 2012 a contract until 2014, according to which Siemens would provide its equipment," Stuemer said.

Meanwhile, he said, the German side offers a series of decisions that are now being discussed for further joint work.

In turn, the head of Viesmann's trade mission Stanislav Novytsky stressed that energy efficiency improvement as a strategic objective of SCM is of a great interest to the German side. "Provision of equipment and technical solutions to improve energy efficiency are really very interesting to us. We have quite long been working with the SCM, with its different parts. We supplied boiler and technical equipment to them, and we plan to further develop our cooperation," Novytsky said.

SCM Group annually invests at least $200 million in energy efficiency of its businesses and in resource saving. These investments are aimed at modernization of production facilities, introduction of energy efficient technologies and alternative power industry development. As part of modernization programs, particularly, technologies are introduced for pulverized coal injection into blast furnaces at the SCM steel mills, and the construction of wind farms is underway.

The company has initiated the creation of the energy efficiency rating of Ukrainian regions.

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