SolarTech Expo Turkey 2013 conference

Focusing on recent technology and commercial market developments within PV, CSP, CPV, OPVC, BIPV, Thin Film and solar thermal, SolarTech Expo Turkey, a strictly B2B conference and exhibition will be held in Istanbul 27-28 March 2013.

Government support, project finance and risk mitigation options will also be discussed.

Located in the networking area exhibition will hold 25 exhibition stands where leading solar energy companies will present their technologies and solutions for the industry.

Conference main topics:

-Development of solar projects in Turkey
-Government support for solar energy industry
-Thin-film technology
-Crystalline technology update
-PV, CSP, CPV, HCPV, BIPV technology update
-Solar power inverter innovations
-Large scale solar build - options for Turkey, Southern Europe and MENA
-Large scale solar - challenges and opportunities
-Solar-thermal technology update
-Building integrated photovoltaic
-Energy storage for solar energy industry
-Hybrid and organic photovoltaics (HOPV)
-O&M of PV systems
-Project finance for solar energy industry
-Project risk management
-Solar energy and smart grid
-New market opportunities
-Next generation solar

Why attend:

A fully packed programme of high profile speakers.Excellent networking with the who's who of the regional and international solar energy industry.Technology update in the exhibition area.Extensive finance advice on developing commercially profitable solar energy projects with case studies.Learn about local solar energy development and profitability.Join +200 experts.Take part in extensive matchmaking sessions with industry leaders and decision-makers.

source :

date :  27-03-2013 - 28-03-2013
place: Istanbul, Turkey

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