The 31% increase of the total number of visitors of INFACOMA and ENERGYTECH

The 31% increase -compared to last year- of the total number of visitors of INFACOMA and ENERGYTECH exhibitions, which were held at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center on 16-19 February 2012, is deemed very impressive and far more than expected.

In particular, 41,326 persons visited the 2 exhibitions during the 4 days of their operation whilst the visitors’ percentages for each exhibition separately, are the following: 80% increase of the total number of visitors for ENERGYTECH and 13% increase for INFACOMA.

According to the visitors’ data analysis, the number of plain visitors for ENERGY TECH increased by 105%, while for INFACOMA by 27%.
The ‘gates’ of the two exhibitions also welcomed hosted buyers from Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, FYROM, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, Syria, Slovakia, etc.

The exhibitors of INFACOMA and ENERGY TECH having special interest in the sectors of building and energy, will have the opportunity to meet again during the two large theme tributes of the 77th TIF, i.e. DOMISIS and ENERGYLAND.

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