AREL Academy / Photovoltaics - Spring Session ENREG 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013 at Expo Arad Internațional, Hall A will REECO in collaboration with AREL organises for the 3rd time the workshop: AREL Academy/Photovoltaics, on the 8th of March 2013, in order to create a meeting point for manufacturers and experts to discuss the problems of building management systems, passive houses and integration or renewable energy in buildings.

10.00 Apartment buildings with energy use close to 0
Conf. Dr. Eng.Emil NUTIU, Târgu Mureș University, President of the Association of Energy Auditors for Buildings in Romania, Transylvania Branch

1. Feasibility study for a photovoltaik park
2. Adjustable support structure: extra production or an additional expense?
3. Performing tests of a photovoltaik park
4. Photovoltaik Plants Maintenance

12.00 Break

5. Residential PV systems. Hobby or a new opportunity?
6. EPC's: Solution or brake for the investors?
7. Photovoltaik pumping systems: irringation solution
8. Network access. Legislative considerations and technological activities

15.00 End of Event

Language: Romanian

AREL - Association of Electricians Romania

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