Bulgaria: Price of current decrease with 8% after street manifestation

Yuliana Ivanova head of the Regulatory Authority for Energy and Water of Bulgaria announce decrease of the price of current with 8% after street manifestation from the last weeks.

Referring to the amendments to the Energy Law adopted , according to which, the Regulatory Authority may revise the pricing more than once per year, Mrs Ivanova said that the service establish working groups, which will analyze the information from energy companies to calculate the percentage reduction in the price of electricity.

The amendments to the Energy Act were published in a special issue of the Official Gazette of Bulgaria, a development that allows the regulator to start immediately the process of reducing the price of electricity.

All this problems was started after growing of 10% of current price was make to help companies in green energy in Bulgaria. This mistake became a governmental problem after mass manifestation in all country.

Frimu Ghinea

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