Hungary : National DanubEnergy Project Workshop

The Sárvár HUKE Waste Treatment Ltd's business philosophy was from the beginning on - to combine traditional waste collection, and waste treatment, based on innovative recycling-technologies, to protect the environment and provide a careful use of natural resources.

With this in mind, the Sárvári Huke GmbH joined the DanubEnergy project community which is supported by the Central Europe Programme. The scientific and technological knowledge to this DanubEnergy project partnership taking advantage, the HUKE Group develops a landmark for Hungary by implementation of a processing chain called:"Green waste-waste to green energy."

This "HUKE-BioEnergia" business model provides as a main objective - significant contribution towards the security of Hungarian energy by safeguarding biomass based energy production lines in combination with an increase in efficiency use of the raw energy, with effects on the environment and climate policy objectives and improving the effectiveness of landscape management, and agro-environmental measures and last but not least - through the introduction of innovative technology and production, achievement of social policy effects through the creation of new jobs in the "high-tech" but also in the low-reward sector, in. rural areas of Hungary.

“DanubEnergy (4CE561P3) project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF."

Organiser: HUKE Hulladékkezelési Kft. and REECO Hungary Kft
Participation fee: free of charge

Date: 25 April 2013
Location: SYMA Event and Congress Centre, Budapest

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