Photovoltaic parks, the trend in energy production in Cluj, Romania

Chinteni and Floresti Villages will each have two photovoltaic parks. The parks from Chinteni are in the design phase, and for those in Floresti the concession of the land will be voted these days. The investment for each of the two photovoltaic parks from Chinteni is about 20 million Lei.

Investments in green energy production systems through solar panels are becoming very popular in Cluj. Local and county authorities understood that the budget can make serious savings if they have photovoltaic parks  with which they can produce energy for the institutions or for the public illumination subordinated, so they became interested in building these systems of energy production.

The first photovoltaic parks in Cluj will be conducted in Chinteni and Floresti Villages. In Chinteni two photovoltaic parks will be built, one by local authorities in partnership with a foreign investor and the other in partnership with Cluj County Council. Lucia Suciu, Chinteni Mayor, said that the two photovoltaic parks are now in the design phase and each will occupy 10 hectares. Regarding the investment made in association with the foreign partner, until now there have already been discussions with the company and depending on the time that will be necessary for achieving the documentation the works the project could even begin this summer.

The cost in energy bills will be lower.

The second photovoltaic park in Chinteni is conducted by local authorities in partnership with the County Council. Cornelia Trif, County Council representative said that at the moment works are done on the sunlight study, meaning setting the plot of land which is more suitable for producing solar energy due to its position towards the sun.

The investment value, estimated at 5 million euros, will be paid from the County Council budget. The gold of developing this parks is to reduce the cost with electricity for all the institutions subordinated to the County Council. These costs are estimated at 4 million euros annualy.

Big interest for photovoltaic parks in Floresti.

Floresti is another village which is interested to attrach investors for the development of photovoltaic parks. This is the reason why in the Local County meeting will vote for two draft resolutions regarding the concession of 22 hectares in Luna de Sus and another one of 17,5 hectares in the same location for photovoltaic parks. The two fields have a southern exposure so these are suitable for producing solar energy.

Horea Sulea, the Floresti Mayor said that in the past eight months there have been many offers to invest in photovoltaic parks, but none has yet come up with a concrete offer.

After the two photovoltaic parks will be functional, the local authorities will make 1 million lei savings on the local budget when it comes to electricity bills. The Mayor hopes the these savings will be used for other investments such as street paving.

Photovoltaic parks with „sparks” in Lomb.

Cluj Napoca City Hall had plans to achieve, in partnership with Polus Real Estate a photovoltaic park on a 190 hectares field in Lomb, on the current Tineretului housing district place. The decision of residential reconvertion project in photovoltaic park was made in 2010, but now the project can’t be realised due to legal disputes between the shareholders of Polus Real Estate.

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