Solar A/S makes profit

We saw a downturn in business activity in a number of Solar’s markets in 2012 – the Dutch market was particularly hard hit by this decline – and our earnings suffered from this. We will focus heavily on increasing profitability, emphasises Group CEO Flemming H. Tomdrup.

He is satisfied that the group’s cash flows from operating activities are up from € 48.5m in 2011 at € 61.4m in 2012.

- It is imperative that we continue to generate positive cash flow and reduce our debt, underlines Flemming H. Tomdrup.

Being a technical wholesaler, Solar offers customers electrical, heating and plumbing, and ventilation products combined with knowledge and solutions within these fields. Our solutions are everywhere from hospitals and care homes over schools and nurseries to businesses and shops.

- Granted, it does not say Solar on fixtures, sensors, cables or light switches but we still manage to leave our distinct wholesaler mark on products and solutions as they pass through our supply chain, points out Group CEO Flemming H. Tomdrup.

Solar believes that our Blue Energy concept holds great earnings potential from energy-efficient solutions for both new construction and existing property. And these days, when both great cost consciousness and focus on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions take centre stage, consumers have both financial and environmental incentives to improve energy efficiency.

- We want to help to highlight these financial and environmental aspects and to spread the knowledge of energy efficiency improvements in general so that decision-makers really see the short payback times we operate with when optimising technical fittings, states Group CEO Flemming H. Tomdrup.

Energy-efficient products and solutions are, indeed, considered growth drivers in Solar’s strategy for 2013-2015 which aims at increasing the group’s earnings.

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