Ukraine : Odesa region introducing alternative energy

About 4.6 billion UAH in capital investment will be earmarked this year for the development of alternative energy of the northwestern Black Sea (the construction of seven solar power plants in the south and north of the steppe region), a UKRINFORM reporter learned this from Odesa Regional State Administration.

"At end-2012 Odesa region ranked first among Ukrainian regions in terms of capital investment in alternative energy, where investors sent UAH 3.6 billion. This year we plan to raise another UAH 4.5-4.6 billion to the end the construction of two solar power plants located in the southern areas, and the construction of 5 new power plants in the north of the region. This will have a positive effect on the development of the region through the creation of new jobs, as well as through the proceeds from land lease," said Odesa region deputy governor Petro Hlytsov.

"I want to say that solar power has already given additional effect - about UAH 6 million in rent a year goes to the budgets of the rural councils and district councils. It is planned to increase this figure by half or two times," said the official.

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