Romania: Proposed amendments to renewable energy law

4/05/20130 comentarii

Ministry of Economy released for public debate a proposed emergency ordinance on renewable energy promotion system.

Among its provisions are the following:

1. Between 01.07.2013-31.12.2016 will be temporarily postpone the granting a number of green certificates for each MWh produced and delivered by the producers of electricity from renewable sources as follows:
A.1 green certificate for a hydroelectric new installed power of 10 MW (to give 2 instead of 3)
B. 1 green certificate for wind power (to give 1 instead of 2),
C. two green certificates for solar power plants (to provide 4 instead of 6).
Recovery of green certificates will be delayed since the 01.01.2017 for plants referred to in subparagraphs a) (hydro) and c) (solar) and since 01.01.2018 for plants referred to in point B) (wind). How to recover gradually the number of green certificates is established by ANRE delayed by secondary legislation.

2. Accreditation by ANRE of the new power plant is made up to the total annual value set out in the National Action Plan on Renewable Energy (NREAP). If the threshold is reached, shall cease accreditation plants.

3. Energy producers in plants up to 5 MW are under the ordinance can conclude bilateral contracts for electricity trading.

Frimu Ghinea
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