BISOL Group - New series of PV modules with coloured cells

BISOL Group, a European manufacturer of premium photovoltaic modules and mounting solutions, developed the new BISOL Spectrum series of PV modules with coloured cells.

The exclusive BISOL Spectrum series of coloured PV modules is available in a wide range of colours, which is achieved by simply changing the thickness of the silicon nitride coating, a chemical compound that gives the cells their typical colour and come in power classes from 225W to 235W. These customized high quality PV modules are particularly designed for installations where colour conformity to the building design is essential. They can also be used to brighten a monotonous exterior.

Fashionable modules can perfectly match the colour of the roof tiles as they come in various colour shades: cobalt blue, forest green, lavender, metallic grey and tile red. The investor can either choose single-shade or multi-shade cell colour pattern. In many situations these new BISOL PV modules are a suitable solution when renovating cultural heritage buildings.

The company also recently presented its newest BISOL data logger 1.0 monitoring device. The product combines a data logger, 3G modem and a router to provide a complete insight into the PV plant’s performance. It enables data collection from different inverter brands and allows monitoring, analysing and downloading all the essential PV plant’s performance information.

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