Green Energy - Who-is-who in Croatia in 2013 - new catalog

After last year's success the Croation's largest catalog companies and traders dealing in renewable energy and energy efficiency is ready. This is the place where you present all companies operating in the field of 'green energy' in Croatia and beyond.

A large catalog of Green Energy - Who-is-who in Croatia in 2013. Catalog B5 format is printed in 10,000 copies. It contains useful information and tips, a list of relevant laws and a list of all relevant events in 2013./2014. year, and other useful information.


- at numerous trade shows and conferences and other events in the 2013th, such as Zagreb Energy Week, Interklima, Energy and Ekotehno - Zagreb Fair, SASO - Split, Cro Eco Energy Expo

- Director / Manager of the company - sending direct mail to more than 1,000 addresses from your own database

- send mail to all members of the network on request   

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FRY Macedonia : Energy efficiency management

The organizer - “Small Business Chamber of Commerce of Macedonia”, invites you to attend the forthcoming EUSEW Energy Day 2013 Macedonia which will be held in Skopje, Macedonia on 27 June 2013 year. 

"Energy efficiency management" is the title of the event this year. The objectives of the event are:- presentation practical and innovative solutions for the implementation of technical devices and systems for the purpose of energy efficient use of energy in commercial buildings, buildings of public institutions and facilities for housing,- presentation of technological innovations in the manufacturing of equipment for energy efficient heating and cooling of buildings,   - supply of financial instruments and services to fund projects for the production or implementation of devices and systems for energy efficiency   - Presentation of projects for reconstruction and construction of buildings according to standards for low energy construction and use of renewable energy sources that lead to reduced emissions   - Promotion of the project EUREMplus supported by  the Intelligent Energy Europe programe in "Association for Energy Efficiency" at the Chamber of Small Business  The participants of the event, in front of the potential partners and sponsors, can promote their projects and project ideas which can get support by the asseccion funds for energetic efficiency and renewable energy sources of the European Commission – Intelligent Energy Europe which is a part of the CIP - Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.  

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Romanian Energy Forum 2013 – SECOND EDITION

The only place in Romania to explore creative dialogue between the business environment and state officials – we bring together the most relevant actors in energy in a new interactive format.

A series of side events allow an extensive networking meant to reinforce the connections between the industry professionals, academia and government officials in order to set the working papers for the future Romanian National Strategy regarding Energy.

8 themes in 4 extensive working panels with top decision makers, energy professionals, strategists and business leaders:
Oil & Gas   
Renewable energy – Solar, Wind, Biomass   
Nuclear energy   
Alternative – New Classics   
Energy Efficency   
Critical infrastructures, Technology Renewal, investment programmes, monitoring   
Banking, predictibillity, fiscal incentive schemes   
Policy: Prices, Green Certificates, Energy Trading

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ESTIF publish "2012 European Solar Thermal Market"

In 2012, the European market experienced a reduction in the overall newly installed capacity which amounted to 2.4 GWth (approximately 3.4 mio m²): a decrease of 6.4% in comparison with the previous year. The total installed capacity registered a net increase of 2 GWth, now reaching 28.3 GWth (40.5 mio m²). This represents an increase of 7.7% compared with the 2011 total installed capacity.

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Intersolar 2013 AWARD Winners

2013 AWARD Winners - Photovoltaics

LG Electronics Deutschland GmbH - Solar Module Mono X NeoN
Schletter GmbH - Smart PV Charge
SMA Solar Technology AG - Sunny Boy Smart Energy

2013 AWARD Winners - Solar Thermal Technologies

Clique Solar - ARUN®100
Ezinc Metal San. Tic. A.S. - NANOSOL Compact Solar Water Heater

2013 AWARD Winners - Solar Projects in Europe

Galaxy Energy GmbH - Galaxy Energy Building
Conergy AG - Lasal del Varador Project
BELECTRIC Solarkraftwerke GmbH - Solar Power Plant Templin


The Truth About Energy. Romania's energy future has long arrived

The event The Truth About Energy. Romania's energy future has long arrived is associated with the June issue of Romanian Business Digest publication. It targets both the top management from the companies in the energy and supporting industries and also the investors interested in financing these areas.

Shortly said, the event aims to be a live debate of the subjects tackled in the printed edition. It will be held in English, as the publication is entirely written in English.

The event will consist of two pannels of debates on two very interesting and engaging topics related to Energy, namely The Challenges of Shaping Romania's Future Energy Sources and also Financing Romania's Energy Future: how hard a quest is it?, referring to the strategies for the future development of the energy projects and infrastructure in Romania.
The event will be held on June 25 at the InterContinental Hotel, Fortuna Hall (21st floor).

The event is organized in partnership with Raiffeisen Bank as Partner, Ernst & Young Romania, Allianz-Tiriac Asigurari, SAS Romania and BCR Pensii as Sponsors and also with the help of the following institutions as Supporting Organizations: German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce, econet Romania, AmCham, FIC, RoGBC, Kompass Romania.

25 June 2013 09:00 - 13:00

09:00 - 11:00 The Challenges of Shaping Romania's Future Energy Sources
Moderator: Bogdan Preda

Zoltan Nagy-Bege, Member of the Regulatory Board, ANRE
Alexandru Lupea, Assurance Partner, Ernst & Young Romania
Silvia Vlasceanu, General Manager, ACUE - Federatia Asociatiilor Companiilor de Utilitati din Energie
Raluca Rusu, Investor Relations Manager, Monsson Group
Adrian Goicea, Country Manager, Iberdrola Renewables Romania
Ovidiu Pop, President, IRE

11:30 - 13:00 Financing Romania's Energy Future: how hard a quest is it?
Moderator: Bogdan Preda

Cristian Sporis, Vice President, Raiffeisen Bank
Fabrizio Carboni, Regional Energy Sales Leader, SAS SEE Region
Carmen Neagu, CEO, Sparta Matrix Energy
Ionut Purica, Energy Expert, Romanian Academy
Mark Velody, Project Manager, EU-EBRD EEFF & ROSEFF - Tractebel Engineering

All AHK members and econet partners benefit from a special participation fee of 69 EUR + VAT available until June 24.

Please find bellow the link to the event site where you will find the full agenda, the confirmed speakers and the partners to the event:

Venue : InterContinental Hotel
Organizer : Romanian Business Digest

Annual development of solar thermal market in Germany 2002 - 2012

Annual development of solar thermal market in Germany 2002 - 2012


Solar thermal technology at Intersolar Munich 2013

This year, seven sessions are dedicated to the topic of solar thermal technologies. A morning session on June 18 focuses on general global and regional market developments in solar thermal technologies.

On the morning of June 20, international developments brought about by electricity from solar thermal power stations come to the fore.

Other sessions expand on the key topics of large-scale solar thermal plants, heat storage, industrial process heat and heating and air conditioning in buildings using solar thermal technology.

The Intersolar AWARD 2013 ceremony

For the sixth year running, the world's largest exhibition for the solar industry, Intersolar Europe, is using the Intersolar AWARD to pay tribute to the industry’s innovative strength. The prize is awarded in the categories of Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Technologies and Solar Projects in Europe. Exhibitors at Intersolar Europe as well as those attending the Intersolar North America and Intersolar India exhibitions were invited to put forward their pioneering products and services for the competition. Up to ten finalists in each individual category have now been selected with the winners being announced during an official ceremony at Intersolar Europe’s Innovation Exchange in hall B2, booth B2.450 at 9 a.m on June 19, 2013.

Since 2008, the Intersolar AWARD has been honoring outstanding services and products that impress thanks to the particular benefits they offer to society and the environment and the way in which they combine technical innovation with high rates of profitability. In cooperation with the German Solar Industry Association (BSW-Solar), the organizers of Intersolar Europe, Solar Promotion GmbH, Pforzheim, and Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG (FWTM), want to use the prize to highlight the solar industry’s great innovative strength. In total, this year saw more than 100 companies applying for the renowned solar industry innovation prize.

Power-One Introduces New Inverters and Energy Storage Solution at Intersolar Europe

The new product offerings include a series of 5.8, 7.5, and 8.5kW three-phase string inverters and an energy storage solution all ideal for residential applications

Power-One, Inc. (Nasdaq:PWER), a leading global manufacturer of renewable energy and energy-efficient power conversion and management solutions, today announced that the company will present its new AURORA inverter products as well as its energy storage solution REACT (Renewable Energy Accumulator and Conversion Technology) at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany, from June 19 to 21. Power-One will introduce two innovations ideally suited for residential applications: the AURORA TRIO-5.8, 7.5, and 8.5kW three-phase string inverters as well as the company’s first energy storage system.


Description: new AURORA TRIO-5.8, AURORA TRIO-7.5, and AURORA TRIO-8.5 inverters are perfectly suited for residential applications with a three-phase grid feed. Benefitting from the company’s proven AURORA TRIO technology, the highly efficient products complete Power-One’s three-phase string inverter family. The new inverters offer an output of 5.8, 7.5, and 8.5kW respectively, efficiency ratings of up to 98 percent over a wide input voltage range as well as natural convection cooling. Both, the AURORA TRIO-7.5 and AURORA TRIO-8.5, feature two independent MPPTs for maximum installation flexibility and optimal energy harvesting.

With a maximum weight of 28 kilograms, the three new inverters are equipped with a sliding front panel simplifying installation and maintenance: the connection and configuration area can be accessed without requiring the complete removal of the cover. A graphic display allows for quick connection parameter setting and functional control.

Furthermore, the devices offer integrated power control and monitoring functionalities as well as environmental sensor input without requiring any external components. The system in fact can be extended by an optional expansion card, including an Ethernet datalogger which allows monitoring parameters both locally (via the integrated webserver) or remotely (via the AURORA VISION portal), using a LAN connection (Modbus/TCP supported). Thanks to their robust IP65 enclosures, the devices are suitable for unrestricted outdoor use.

Power-One’s Residential Energy Storage System REACT

Description: Power-One’s new energy storage system, available in the first quarter of 2014, will allow home owners and landlords to store any excess energy produced by their PV installation for times with higher energy demands. The solution consists of a 4.6kW single-phase Power-One inverter and a lithium-ion battery providing 2kWh of usable energy. A smaller version with a 3.6kW inverter will also be available. Due to its dual MPPTs, the integrated inverter will offer maximum installation flexibility for optimal energy harvesting. A broad input voltage range as well as high efficiency will be additional key highlights of the new product.

“We are proud to launch two important products at Intersolar Europe this year,” said Dr. Alex Levran, President of Renewable Energy Solutions at Power-One. “With our new AURORA TRIO inverters we are satisfying the demand of many European home owners and landlords for small three-phase string inverters, which offer high efficiency values by using proven technologies originally developed for larger systems. Closing the gap in our product portfolio we further extend our broad three-phase inverter product portfolio – now ranging from 5.8kW up to 27.6kW. ”

“We expect the energy storage system to garner a lot of attention for its ability to increase self-consumption and reduce energy bills. Solutions of this kind will play a major role in extending the adoption of renewable energy systems around the globe,” continues Levran.

Power-One plans to add basic load management outputs and an auxiliary AC output to its energy storage solution, which will allow operation in the event of a power outage. Using the integrated Ethernet port, users can monitor the energy storage system either remotely or locally without requiring any additional interfaces. The energy storage system has been designed for a long battery life-cycle of more than ten years. The solution can also be expanded by additional battery modules to up to three times its original size.

Turkey : IRENEC 2013, 3rd international 100% Renewable Energy Conference

IRENEC 2013, 3rd International 100% Renewable Energy Conference that will be held on 27-29 June in Istanbul, Turkey.

EUROSOLAR Turkey, the Turkish Section of the European Association for Renewable Energy, once again brings you the annual International 100% Renewable Energy Conference (IRENEC 2013). As per the vision of the Association, IRENEC provides an international platform for the sharing of knowledge and ideas regarding the technical, economic, and political aspects of the transition to 100% Renewable Energy and for building the networks to realize this vision through industry, architecture, transportation, local communities and training.

Following on the direction laid out in the conclusions of last year’s Conference, the main theme of IRENEC 2013 is the global challenge of transforming the existing energy network to enable a 100% renewable energy future.

Conference Topics:

The 100% Transition: Political Economy
The economics of renewable power and distributed generation.
The political economy of a 100%transition: local, national, global.       
Private or public? the role of the state in energy planning.       
Energy policy: legal structures for renewable energy.      
Energy policies: decision support models.       
Internalization of external costs and harmful subsidies.       
Renewable energy and energy security.
Carbon management and finance.
Global environmental change and ecosystems management.       
Capacity building and training for 100% renewable energy.       
Role of utilities in the transition.       
Forces for change at the global level.       
Best practices; Denmark, Germany, and elsewhere.
The 100% Transition to Renewable Energy, Energy End Use Efficiency
Efficiency in energy intensive processes.       
Energy efficiency in industry.       
Energy efficiency in the built environment.
The 100% Transition, Built Environment
Zero energy and energy efficient buildings, zero carbon cities.       
Zero waste plan.       
Sustainable architecture and design.       
The economics of district heating through RE.       
Global best practice.
Power and Heat Generation from Renewables (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biomass, etc.)
Electricity and process heat production from renewable sources.       
Distributed versus centralized generation.
The Grid
Renewable energy storage, grid connections, smart grids and power management.     
Smart grid standardization, government policy and landscape       
Demand side management.       
Best practice in smart grids.
Renewable energy and energy end-use efficiency approaches in sustainable urban transportation planning.       
Mobility management: intelligent transportation systems.       
EV (electric vehicle) or NoV (no vehicle)?       
Best practices.
Local Government, Community Power
Responsibility and delegated power of local authorities in protecting the environment.       
Power production: rights of local authorities and private enterprises.       
Community power; energy sector game changer?       
Best practice in local ownership of renewable generation.
100% Transition; Education, Advocacy and Finance
Educating the public and developing sufficient public support to make the transition.       
Developing an effective media strategy.       
Developing an effective social media strategy.       
Identifying the investment moneys that are needed and how more support may be developed.     
Determining how the transition may be made without government action.       
Developing and sharing ideas on what business and other stakeholders can do.       
Developing and supporting proposals that will help in financing the transition such as a sustainable economic opportunity program; world solidarity fund; UNDP’s Thematic Trust Funds; Gef Funding; etc.

27-29 June 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

T.C. Maltepe Municipality
Türkan Saylan Cultural Center
Maltepe / Istanbul, Turkey

conference info :

Lithuania : amendments to the Law on Renewable Energy Resources (LRES).

The amendments to the LRES that came into force on 1st Feb 2013 and a separate law on their implementation have been proposed and adopted are:

- electricity generated in solar plant not exceeding 10kW will go to the auction process.
- fixed tariff for plants exceeding 10kW
- fixed a targhet of 10MW for new instalations
- ariffs will be granted and fixed only at the moment of receipt of the permit to ‘Produce electricity for 12 years
- tariff shall now be revised quarterly, while previously revision was annual
- a special procedure for compensation was also established for persons how have the agrement before February with investion 50% already make.

This new regulations in Lithuania want to help the country to develop green energy.

Frimu Ghinea


BIENTER SA is an ISO (9001:2008) certified EPC company undertaking contracting work in the fields of studying, designing, supervising and constructing all kinds of «turn-key» projects, plants or factories as a complete or partial contracting work.

BIENTER’S main offices are in Ifaistou 1 & Kykladon Street, in Glyka Nera Attiki, Greece.

The company in combination with the long experience on EPC projects of its chief executives and main shareholders is able to undertake and successfully execute, complete or partial industrial projects covering a very wide spectrum of the industry as follows:

1. Photovoltaic Parks (including industrial – commercial rooftop systems, green field
systems on fixed mounts or trackers, residential PV systems, etc)
2. Biomass fired boilers for heat and electricity production
3. Biogas units for electricity, heat and natural gas production
4. Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (SHPPs) of various types
5. Geothermal systems
6. District heating units
7. Electromechanical installations for Wind Parks
8. Industrial refrigeration systems for refrigeration – freezing.
9. Fruits and Vegetables packing facilities.
10. Vegetables, fruits and other food products canning plants.
11. Wineries, bottling facilities, wines and juices storage facilities.
12. Industrial air conditioning and refrigeration installations.
13. Industrial building complexes of any type.
14. Paint manufacturing industries.
15. Industrial Slaughterhouses
16. Fish farms
17. Environmental Protection Systems
18. Cotton plants
19. Cotton seed de-linting units.
20. Seed oil mills
21. Textile plants
22. Biological treatment plants.
23. Electrical power, heat or combined heat & power plants with CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) technology
24. Electromechanical and hydraulic installations in general.

The excellent scientific and technical training of our personnel, the collaboration with
worldwide renown Greek and Foreigner Companies, the construction quality, the continuous
qualitative control, the experience and the strict conformity to every project’s construction
timetables ensuring in time completion of all undertaken works, constitute the main
elements of successful collaboration with BIENTER S.A, which is the main reason of
continuous enlargement of its clientele.

BIENTER SA providing high quality services is the perfect partner for the development and
construction of your project making it a very profitable investment.

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RoEnergy 2013 Bucharest - expected success

 Over 100 exhibitors from 13 countries met for 3 days at the RoEnergy fair Bucharest, Romania. The largest are was constituted by photovoltaic and those working in the field of bio-energy.

"A color element was South Korean delegation with 20 peoples from several companies that had meetings with exhibitors, visitors on topics related to the photovoltaic industry, hydropower, wind, biogas and biomass" told us Mr. Cosmin Trif, Marketing Strategy at RES Group organizer of the event.

RoEnergy Bucharest included special events such as a day of Germany where four companies have had business meetings and one day of Greece with a much larger presence.

RoEnergy with over 3000 square feet managed to be a good meeting space for propagation of green energy. 

Mihai Vintila , editor. 

China firmly opposed European Commission's decision on Chinese solar panels

China firmly opposed the European Commission's decision to slap provisional anti-dumping duties on Chinese solar panels.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce Shen Danyang said on Wednesday, "Economic ties underpin the China-EU relationship, which China hopes will not be affected by trade frictions in the solar panel industry,"  adding that China was ready to sit down with the European side for more discussions on solar panel prices.

Shen said that China has noticed the EU reduced the proposed rate from 47.6 percent to 11.8 percent and looked forward to seeing more sincerity and flexibility from the European side for a solution acceptable to both parties.

On Tuesday, the European Commission announced its decision to introduce anti-dumping duties on solar panels imported from China. An interim punitive duty of 11.8 percent will apply to all Chinese solar panel imports starting from Thursday, and the duty will be raised to an average of 47.6 percent two months later if the two sides fail to find a solution.

Meanwhile, German Economy Minister Philipp Rosler said that the European Union's decision was "a huge mistake".

surce : Anadolu Agency - Turkey

Evacuated Tubes vs. Flat Plates

In all solar thermal industry is this debate : wath panel are the best ; with evacuated tubes or flat panel. To can give you posibility to arrive to a solution to this question need first to have informations.

Flat Plate Collectors

Flat plate collectors have been on the market and in use since the early 1900's. They consists of an absorber plate – generally a painted metal – attached to copper pipes where water or a heat transfer liquid passes through. This is encased in a metal frame, surrounded by thick insulation to help retain the collected heat, and protected by a sheet of glass or glazing, which also provides an insulating air space.

Evacuated Tube Collectors

Evacuated tube collectors are more recently developed technology. Was introduced to the market in the 1970's. There are several varieties of evacuated tubes. The glass tube actually consists of two walls of glass. In between the two walls, all the air is removed, resulting in a vacuum. This vacuum is the best insulation one could ask for, and gives the evacuated tubes a much better heat retention than air space.

The heat pipe is also pressurized, allowing the liquid to boil very rapidly, at a very low temperature. It carries the collected heat to the top of the collector, where the heat is then collected by water or heat transfer liquid that flows around the top of the heat pipe, and then transferred to a storage tank.

Which is Best?

Cost is typically the primary consideration. Collector for collector, evacuated tubes can cost around 20% to 40% more than flat plate collectors. Flat plate pricing, however, is subject to greater fluctuates they use quite a bit more copper in their manufacturing process.

Shipping costs can be more with flat plates than with evacuated tubes as well. Evacuated tubes are modular, and can be shipped vertically, maximizing the usable space on a pallet.

Location is also an important consideration to cost. In some regions, it make take more or less of one type of collector vs the other to heat the same amount of water. For example in a colder climate, you could need 2 or 3 flat plate collectors to produce the same heat as 1 evacuated tube collector.

Generally, evacuated tubes perform better in colder and cloudier conditions than their flat plate counterparts. This is because of the vacuum in the glass tube, which allows tube collectors to retain a high percentage of collected heat.

However, in areas where heavy snowfall can be an issue, evacuated tube collectors will not leak heat from the collector, and therefore will not melt snow and heavy frost as quickly as a flat plate collectors. A flat plate collector, on the other hand, will collect heat through the reflected sunlight off snow & ice, and therefore melt the snow or heavy frost much quicker.

Flat plates are typically designed with an unsealed enclosure. This can make them prone to condensation over time, which can result in corrosion. Flat plate collectors – if damaged, will continue to function, and can at times be repaired. Other times, the entire flat plate must be replaced.

Evacuated tubes, on the other hand, are sealed with a vacuum. This gives them their high heat retention properties, however, without this vacuum an evacuated tube collector performs very poorly. If a tube were to lose it's vacuum, it is generally very easy to correct, and can be done easily by simply replacing the tube.

Evacuated tubes are typically less sensitive to sun angle and orientation than their flat plate counterparts. Their circular design allows sunlight to pass at an optimal angle throughout the day – from morning to night.

Flat plate collectors are more sensitive to sun angle, and may require the use of racking systems, or other elevations to maximize their production.

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Romania drastically reduce subsidies for PV and wind

The government succeeded in finally to make a decision on the development of the subsidy system for renewable energy production. Payment of green certificates is delayed officially for three years. Investors in wind and solar are unhappy with the decision and not give up the idea of  fight with  government on Court for financial damages. Government declares its defense and received loud and clear that Brussels agreement for this "small" change. Not the other, but across Europe face higher power prices due to green energy subsidies, which prolonged crisis, seriously affecting global competitiveness.

Romanian Government has decided that from July 1, to be delayed granting a portion of green certificates to investors in small hydro, wind and solar power. This measure will be valid until March 2017  for hydro and solar, and to 2018 for wind turbines. Procrastination is a green certificate for every MWh produced and fed into the national energy coming from small hydro and wind, and two certificates for photovoltaic.

There are currently awarded six green certificates for each MWh of energy produced photovoltaic, two certificates for energy from new wind turbines and three certified hydro-power.

Ordinance limiting accreditation power / electrical group receiving green certificates until the total fixed annual National Action Plan on Renewable Energy, introduces the obligation for ANRE to regulate the annual quota quantity of electricity from renewable sources will take the system National Power and sets quarterly investment monitoring by ANRE, which, in their view, allows for immediate adjustment mechanism overcompensation.

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