BIENTER SA is an ISO (9001:2008) certified EPC company undertaking contracting work in the fields of studying, designing, supervising and constructing all kinds of «turn-key» projects, plants or factories as a complete or partial contracting work.

BIENTER’S main offices are in Ifaistou 1 & Kykladon Street, in Glyka Nera Attiki, Greece.

The company in combination with the long experience on EPC projects of its chief executives and main shareholders is able to undertake and successfully execute, complete or partial industrial projects covering a very wide spectrum of the industry as follows:

1. Photovoltaic Parks (including industrial – commercial rooftop systems, green field
systems on fixed mounts or trackers, residential PV systems, etc)
2. Biomass fired boilers for heat and electricity production
3. Biogas units for electricity, heat and natural gas production
4. Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (SHPPs) of various types
5. Geothermal systems
6. District heating units
7. Electromechanical installations for Wind Parks
8. Industrial refrigeration systems for refrigeration – freezing.
9. Fruits and Vegetables packing facilities.
10. Vegetables, fruits and other food products canning plants.
11. Wineries, bottling facilities, wines and juices storage facilities.
12. Industrial air conditioning and refrigeration installations.
13. Industrial building complexes of any type.
14. Paint manufacturing industries.
15. Industrial Slaughterhouses
16. Fish farms
17. Environmental Protection Systems
18. Cotton plants
19. Cotton seed de-linting units.
20. Seed oil mills
21. Textile plants
22. Biological treatment plants.
23. Electrical power, heat or combined heat & power plants with CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) technology
24. Electromechanical and hydraulic installations in general.

The excellent scientific and technical training of our personnel, the collaboration with
worldwide renown Greek and Foreigner Companies, the construction quality, the continuous
qualitative control, the experience and the strict conformity to every project’s construction
timetables ensuring in time completion of all undertaken works, constitute the main
elements of successful collaboration with BIENTER S.A, which is the main reason of
continuous enlargement of its clientele.

BIENTER SA providing high quality services is the perfect partner for the development and
construction of your project making it a very profitable investment.

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