Turkey : IRENEC 2013, 3rd international 100% Renewable Energy Conference

IRENEC 2013, 3rd International 100% Renewable Energy Conference that will be held on 27-29 June in Istanbul, Turkey.

EUROSOLAR Turkey, the Turkish Section of the European Association for Renewable Energy, once again brings you the annual International 100% Renewable Energy Conference (IRENEC 2013). As per the vision of the Association, IRENEC provides an international platform for the sharing of knowledge and ideas regarding the technical, economic, and political aspects of the transition to 100% Renewable Energy and for building the networks to realize this vision through industry, architecture, transportation, local communities and training.

Following on the direction laid out in the conclusions of last year’s Conference, the main theme of IRENEC 2013 is the global challenge of transforming the existing energy network to enable a 100% renewable energy future.

Conference Topics:

The 100% Transition: Political Economy
The economics of renewable power and distributed generation.
The political economy of a 100%transition: local, national, global.       
Private or public? the role of the state in energy planning.       
Energy policy: legal structures for renewable energy.      
Energy policies: decision support models.       
Internalization of external costs and harmful subsidies.       
Renewable energy and energy security.
Carbon management and finance.
Global environmental change and ecosystems management.       
Capacity building and training for 100% renewable energy.       
Role of utilities in the transition.       
Forces for change at the global level.       
Best practices; Denmark, Germany, and elsewhere.
The 100% Transition to Renewable Energy, Energy End Use Efficiency
Efficiency in energy intensive processes.       
Energy efficiency in industry.       
Energy efficiency in the built environment.
The 100% Transition, Built Environment
Zero energy and energy efficient buildings, zero carbon cities.       
Zero waste plan.       
Sustainable architecture and design.       
The economics of district heating through RE.       
Global best practice.
Power and Heat Generation from Renewables (Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biomass, etc.)
Electricity and process heat production from renewable sources.       
Distributed versus centralized generation.
The Grid
Renewable energy storage, grid connections, smart grids and power management.     
Smart grid standardization, government policy and landscape       
Demand side management.       
Best practice in smart grids.
Renewable energy and energy end-use efficiency approaches in sustainable urban transportation planning.       
Mobility management: intelligent transportation systems.       
EV (electric vehicle) or NoV (no vehicle)?       
Best practices.
Local Government, Community Power
Responsibility and delegated power of local authorities in protecting the environment.       
Power production: rights of local authorities and private enterprises.       
Community power; energy sector game changer?       
Best practice in local ownership of renewable generation.
100% Transition; Education, Advocacy and Finance
Educating the public and developing sufficient public support to make the transition.       
Developing an effective media strategy.       
Developing an effective social media strategy.       
Identifying the investment moneys that are needed and how more support may be developed.     
Determining how the transition may be made without government action.       
Developing and sharing ideas on what business and other stakeholders can do.       
Developing and supporting proposals that will help in financing the transition such as a sustainable economic opportunity program; world solidarity fund; UNDP’s Thematic Trust Funds; Gef Funding; etc.

27-29 June 2013, Istanbul, Turkey

T.C. Maltepe Municipality
Türkan Saylan Cultural Center
Maltepe / Istanbul, Turkey

conference info : http://www.irenec2013.com/giris.php

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