Power-One Introduces New Inverters and Energy Storage Solution at Intersolar Europe

The new product offerings include a series of 5.8, 7.5, and 8.5kW three-phase string inverters and an energy storage solution all ideal for residential applications

Power-One, Inc. (Nasdaq:PWER), a leading global manufacturer of renewable energy and energy-efficient power conversion and management solutions, today announced that the company will present its new AURORA inverter products as well as its energy storage solution REACT (Renewable Energy Accumulator and Conversion Technology) at Intersolar Europe in Munich, Germany, from June 19 to 21. Power-One will introduce two innovations ideally suited for residential applications: the AURORA TRIO-5.8, 7.5, and 8.5kW three-phase string inverters as well as the company’s first energy storage system.


Description: new AURORA TRIO-5.8, AURORA TRIO-7.5, and AURORA TRIO-8.5 inverters are perfectly suited for residential applications with a three-phase grid feed. Benefitting from the company’s proven AURORA TRIO technology, the highly efficient products complete Power-One’s three-phase string inverter family. The new inverters offer an output of 5.8, 7.5, and 8.5kW respectively, efficiency ratings of up to 98 percent over a wide input voltage range as well as natural convection cooling. Both, the AURORA TRIO-7.5 and AURORA TRIO-8.5, feature two independent MPPTs for maximum installation flexibility and optimal energy harvesting.

With a maximum weight of 28 kilograms, the three new inverters are equipped with a sliding front panel simplifying installation and maintenance: the connection and configuration area can be accessed without requiring the complete removal of the cover. A graphic display allows for quick connection parameter setting and functional control.

Furthermore, the devices offer integrated power control and monitoring functionalities as well as environmental sensor input without requiring any external components. The system in fact can be extended by an optional expansion card, including an Ethernet datalogger which allows monitoring parameters both locally (via the integrated webserver) or remotely (via the AURORA VISION portal), using a LAN connection (Modbus/TCP supported). Thanks to their robust IP65 enclosures, the devices are suitable for unrestricted outdoor use.

Power-One’s Residential Energy Storage System REACT

Description: Power-One’s new energy storage system, available in the first quarter of 2014, will allow home owners and landlords to store any excess energy produced by their PV installation for times with higher energy demands. The solution consists of a 4.6kW single-phase Power-One inverter and a lithium-ion battery providing 2kWh of usable energy. A smaller version with a 3.6kW inverter will also be available. Due to its dual MPPTs, the integrated inverter will offer maximum installation flexibility for optimal energy harvesting. A broad input voltage range as well as high efficiency will be additional key highlights of the new product.

“We are proud to launch two important products at Intersolar Europe this year,” said Dr. Alex Levran, President of Renewable Energy Solutions at Power-One. “With our new AURORA TRIO inverters we are satisfying the demand of many European home owners and landlords for small three-phase string inverters, which offer high efficiency values by using proven technologies originally developed for larger systems. Closing the gap in our product portfolio we further extend our broad three-phase inverter product portfolio – now ranging from 5.8kW up to 27.6kW. ”

“We expect the energy storage system to garner a lot of attention for its ability to increase self-consumption and reduce energy bills. Solutions of this kind will play a major role in extending the adoption of renewable energy systems around the globe,” continues Levran.

Power-One plans to add basic load management outputs and an auxiliary AC output to its energy storage solution, which will allow operation in the event of a power outage. Using the integrated Ethernet port, users can monitor the energy storage system either remotely or locally without requiring any additional interfaces. The energy storage system has been designed for a long battery life-cycle of more than ten years. The solution can also be expanded by additional battery modules to up to three times its original size.

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