Romania drastically reduce subsidies for PV and wind

The government succeeded in finally to make a decision on the development of the subsidy system for renewable energy production. Payment of green certificates is delayed officially for three years. Investors in wind and solar are unhappy with the decision and not give up the idea of  fight with  government on Court for financial damages. Government declares its defense and received loud and clear that Brussels agreement for this "small" change. Not the other, but across Europe face higher power prices due to green energy subsidies, which prolonged crisis, seriously affecting global competitiveness.

Romanian Government has decided that from July 1, to be delayed granting a portion of green certificates to investors in small hydro, wind and solar power. This measure will be valid until March 2017  for hydro and solar, and to 2018 for wind turbines. Procrastination is a green certificate for every MWh produced and fed into the national energy coming from small hydro and wind, and two certificates for photovoltaic.

There are currently awarded six green certificates for each MWh of energy produced photovoltaic, two certificates for energy from new wind turbines and three certified hydro-power.

Ordinance limiting accreditation power / electrical group receiving green certificates until the total fixed annual National Action Plan on Renewable Energy, introduces the obligation for ANRE to regulate the annual quota quantity of electricity from renewable sources will take the system National Power and sets quarterly investment monitoring by ANRE, which, in their view, allows for immediate adjustment mechanism overcompensation.

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