45 % of Poles wish to set up some form of renewable energy

According to the study make in July, commissioned by the Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) and conducted by TNS, as many as 223,000 Poles have already invested in micro-installations (solar panels, heat pumps and biomass boilers) and this growing this trend looks set to continue.

“The effects of today’s decisions on renewable sources of energy will be felt for decades to come. It’s time to invest in the potential of such sources,” says former Minister of the Environment Professor Maciej Nowicki.

This market of microinstallations is already estimated to be PLN 4.5 bln ( aprox 1.1 bln euro) and by 2020 this could increase to PLN 26.5 bln.

Frimu Ghinea

Karel De Gucht (EU): “We found an amicable solution in the EU-China solar panels case"

EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht say: “After weeks of intensive talks, I can announce today that I am satisfied with the offer of a price undertaking submitted by China’s solar panel exporters, as foreseen by the EU’s trade defence legislation. This is the amicable solution that both the EU and China were looking for.

We are confident that this price undertaking will stabilise the European solar panel market and will remove the injury that the dumping practices have caused to the European industry. We have found an amicable solution that will result in a new equilibrium on the European solar panel market at a sustainable price level.

Upon consultation of the advisory committee composed of Member States, I intend to table this offer for approval by the European Commission.”


The presentation of the offer by the Chinese exporters results from weeks of intensive talks following the imposition of provisional anti-dumping duties on EU imports of solar panels from China on 6 June. The duties were foreseen to be imposed in two steps, starting with 11.8% on 6 June and 47.6% on average on 6 August (IP/13/501).

Price undertakings are a form of an amicable solution in trade defence proceedings permitted by the WTO and EU laws. It is an alternative form of a measure: a duty is replaced by a price undertaking based on a minimum import price. Those exporting Chinese companies participating in the price-undertaking will be subject to its terms. Hence, their exports will be exempted from the anti-dumping duties.

The terms of the undertaking have been offered by Chinese exporting companies of solar panels, represented by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the talks.

The terms of the undertaking take account of the particular and unique circumstances of the solar panel market, including its evolution over the last years. The settlement is intended to strike a balance between two key elements: it permits to remove the injurious dumping found and allows at the same time for a stable solar panel supply to the EU market.

Further details of the legal acts concerning the undertaking arrangement can only be released following their adoption by the European Commission.

What is a price-undertaking?

The European Commission has from the outset been open to find a negotiated solution in the solar panels case. The form of this type of solution, as set out in WTO and EU law, is a price undertaking with the following conditions:
A commitment made by exporters to respect minimum import prices. This commitment is not meant to fix prices at specific levels, rather to prevent them from falling below a certain floor price.

- This alternative measure must remove the effects of injurious dumping.
- The European Commission must be able to monitor the undertaking.
- General policy considerations can play a role, including stability of supplies.

Eu Press Release

Expert Tetiana Tymochko regarding Ukraine : “It is necessary to learn using colliery gas... to develop wind, solar and bioenergy".

Head of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League Tetiana Tymochko told a press conference “Shale gas: U.S. experience and perspectives in Ukraine,” held in Lviv, Ukrinform reports.

“It is necessary to learn using colliery gas, its annual volume is about 5 billion cu m, to develop wind, solar and bioenergy. Another 28% of gas remains in the dome of abandoned wells. There are many factors, which allow decreasing the pressure on the environment and preserving the nature for future generations,” the expert noted.

Ukraine must be more active in search of an alternative to traditional energy resources and seriously solve a problem of energy efficiency at the expense of up-to-date technologies and the rational use of the operating deposits, production of electric energy from renewable resources, etc.

According to her, Ukraine does not resort to energy conservation and alternative energy development, but chooses a traditional way, relying on the use of underground deposits, nuclear power, etc.

Recently, a group of Ukrainian experts returned from the United States, where they familiarized with shale gas production, met with environmentalists, representatives of the Department of State, visited drilling sites and reclaimed areas.

“Everything operates ideally in that country. This cannot be achieved in Ukraine. The Yuzivske field has serious faults, and when development of shale rock will start through fracturing, this can deepen them. The Oleske field is characterized by karstic conditions,” Tymochko noted.

She believes that before taking on this serious and responsible affair in Ukraine, it is worth to use what we have to the maximum, to use and involve alternative sources for production of energy resources, which do not pose risks to the environment.

source www.ukrinform.ua

Slovakia - how solar thermal market has plunged

After some years in 2010 Slovakia was one of the countries at the forefront of the solar thermal industry. Market in acceptable terms, government subsidies support and it indicates an industry on the rise.

In 2010 the market for solar thermal was 15,000 square meters and in 2011 grow to 23,000 square meters. We can say that the year 2011 was the last year of prosperity of this industry.

In 2012 sales was only 7500 square meters which is a decrease of 67.4% and the preliminary data for 2013 estimate that this decline will increase. A major impact is that the government grants program was stopped in mid of 2012. The market fall was accentuated by several factors.

Besides subsidies stopped of investments have cut much of past sales, also private investments were simply pulled from the market in a few years.

Out of this situation will be difficult. Slovakia will not have probable in the coming years afford a subsidy and major investments. So I can say it will be a small market, with modest increases or decreases. The downside is that some of the companies involved in this market either went bankrupt or already oriented towards to other sectors and keeping thermal solar systems and “others offer” only. In my opinion "others offer" can't create and maintain this industry. 

Mihai Vintila  
Romania, renewable energy consultant

Gehrlicher Solar completes three additional solar parks in Romania

The internationally operating photovoltaic company realizes three ground-mounted systems for a Romanian private investor in the county of Mures.

The three solar parks are located approximately 360 km northwest of Bucharest and built on almost 19 hectares overall with a total capacity of 9 MWp. Just six weeks after the start of construction all three solar parks have been completed. These investments are supported through the Romanian promotion of energy production from renewable sources with green certificates over the following 15 years.

For the installation, Gehrlicher Solar used its own proven and in-house developed substructure GehrTec® Base that is suitable for any terrain. The flexible mounting system that is customized to the local territory is distinguished by its high load-bearing ability and its superior resistance to corrosion.

36,168 modules manufactured by Jinko were used for the construction of the plants and SMA produced the nine central inverters to convert solar power into grid-compatible direct current. Each of the three solar power systems will produce around four million kilowatt hours of environmentally friendly electricity yearly. Compared to electricity generated from fossil fuels, the plants will save approximately 10,500 tons of CO2 annually altogether.

In addition to these solar power plants there are two subsequent projects of about 2.5 MWp each under construction in Brasov. After the successful implementation of these further systems, Gehrlicher Solar will reach a total installed capacity of more than 23 MWp in Romania.

Frimu Ghinea

EBRD: €10 million to UniCredit Tiriac Bank Romania to help the private sector cut energy bills

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) is providing €10 million in new financing to Romania’s UniCredit Tiriac Bank S.A. for on-lending to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) investing in industrial energy efficiency and small-scale renewable energy projects.

The loan is extended under the EBRD’s Romania SME Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (RoSEFF), a key instrument for promoting the rational use of energy, particularly given the current liberalisation of the domestic energy market, as a means to cut bills and boost the competitiveness of SMEs.

“There is substantial potential in Romania to achieve energy savings and the EBRD long-term loan helps reduce the number of barriers that the private sector still faces in obtaining financing for energy efficiency projects,” said Sylvia Gansser-Potts, EBRD Director for Financial Institutions, EU Banks.

“UniCredit Tiriac Bank’s commitment and track record in financing SMEs, combined with the EBRD’s proven experience in implementing energy efficiency programmes, provides a strong basis for success in this new partnership,” said Rasvan Radu, CEO of UniCredit Tiriac Bank.

Along with technical assistance and investment incentives financed by the European Union, the EBRD loan comes at a time when the Romanian private sector faces an even greater need for long-term financing, affected as it is by the eurozone crisis and the scarcity of funding.

The €10 million loan comes under the Joint IFI Action Plan for Growth in Central and South Eastern Europe launched in November 2012 by the EBRD, the European Investment Bank Group (EIB Group) and the World Bank Group. The plan is a direct response to the continuing impact of eurozone problems on the economies of emerging Europe and includes total commitments of €30 billion over the period 2013-14.

source: EBRD

Romania introduce energy certification for all buildings

New form of the law, passed in May this year, forcing since July 20 , owners of apartments, retail, office, to submit the tax for energy certificate when you want to register property.

Costs for certification vary from 170 euros for an apartment of 60 square meters, more than 200 euros for a house with an area greater than 150 square meters. In office buildings of 5,000 sqm energy certificate costs around 2,500 euros and 3,000 euros more than if the same area premises.

The total number of energy auditors in Romania is approaching 2,000. By 20 July the energy certificates market was ten times lower than the maximum potential estimated at over 100 million.

Frimu Ghinea

South-Еast European Exhibition and Congress on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria

The 10th edition of the South-East European Exhibition & Congress on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy will be organized between 5th - 7th March 2014 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The energy sector is a key factor for the future development of the Region's economy. By providing energy from renewable energy sources and implementing energy efficiency in different fields, South-East Europe goes a big step towards a sustainable future - clean and secure.

The event is recognized in the Region as a leading platform for information exchange, networking opportunities and new business development covering all sectors in EE & RE.

In 2013 companies from 21 countries presented up-to-date trends in the field. 50% of them were exhibitors from abroad. The Austrian Pavilion, the group participation of companies from Italy and Slovenia, the first Hungarian National Participation strengthened the visitor’s interest.

The comprehensive Congress program provided an overview of the latest technology developments and good practices as well as obstacles in the energy efficiency  implementation  and the business opportunities. For the 9th consecutive year the event brought together business leaders, investors, experts, public authorities, technology innovators from  many industry  sectors.

For the 9th consecutive year the event brought together again business leaders, investors, experts, public authorities, technology innovators from the sector.

Priority Booking at :

Autumn International Costruction Forum 2013, Lviv, Ukraine

Autumn International Costruction Forum 2013, Lviv, Ukraine and
VII specialized exhibition "Alternative Energy"

October 1-4, 2013

Main products exhibited:Modern energy-savings systems. Technologies of the evocative energy sources usage. Devices and equipment. Sun energy. Wind energy. Hydroenergetics. Biomass energy. Geothermal energy.

Location: Palace of Sports "Ukraine" Lviv.

Total area: 2475 sq.m
Indoor area: 1975 sq.m
Outdoor area: 500 sq.m

Main data of the exhibition (2012 - the exhibition took place in the Lviv Palace of Arts)
Exhibition area: 792 sq.m
Total number of represented companies: 130 (3 foreign uncl.)
Countries-participants: Ukraine, Poland, Belarus
Number of visitors: about 4,000

For more relations visit :

SMEThermal 2014

SMEThermal takes place at the 18 February 2014 in Berlin, Germany, already for the fifth time. SMEThermal evolved into Europe’s leading international solar thermal industry conference. The one-day event offers unique insights into the sector’s most recent developments, whether in process optimisation, cost reduction strategies, new materials or the design of collectors and tanks. For the second time, all participants are invited to the opening dinner at the evening beforehand.

All solar thermal manufacturing businesses as well as material suppliers,specialists in automation and production technology, engineering companies, researches and market consultants are invited to submit a presentation for SMEThermal 2014. Each abstract should contain a one-page explanation of the key issues to be covered in the speech and be accompanied by a short biographical text about the author. Deadline is 15 August 2013.

SMEThermal 2014 Hot Topics are:
- Smart collector design: new solutions of PVT/hybrid collectors
- Trends in the supply chain: quality and prices of glass
- Process heat collectors: international survey among manufacturers worldwide
- Future design of compact thermal energy storages
- Polymer/aluminium trays versus metal frames: pros and cons
- New business models for the solar thermal industry

For more informations please contact:
Email: epp@solrico.com

RENEXPO®SOLAR: Romania`s 6th International Trade Fair and Conference for PV

RENEXPO® Solar, the largest trade fair dedicated to the growth of the Romanian solar industry, expects the most important business players to a high quality exhibition on more than 3.000 m² area at EXPOROM Bucharest, the most modern exhibition centre of Romania, at November 20th-22nd 2013.

- Traditional meeting point: Since 2008, RENEXPO® trademark has been the optimistic, inspiring and exciting atmosphere that provides the right basis for making important business deals and for presenting successful projects.
- Romania`s energy trade fair: the biggest and most important event on renewable energy in Romania creates the energy platform for the South-Eastern Europe region, for experts and key players in the field.
- International event: 50% from the exhibitors are from outside of Romania, 25% from the specialised visitors and conference participants come from 15 different countries.

Conference - International and qualitative
5th International Conference - Solar Energy in Romania - The future of Solar Energy
In the framework of the 2 days international PV conference the participants can get informed from 1st class speakers about latest trends on European level, the news in Romanian legislation, financing issues, profitability, practical information about planning and installation of PV projects as well as grid integration and stabilization. They will receive a compact overview on the Romanian PV market.

Between the confirmed speakers there is:
Zoltan NAGY-BEGE, General Director, Department for Regulation in the Energy Efficiency - ANRE, Romania; Dr. Gisbert STALFORT, Managing Partner - STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit; Adrian DIMACHE, General Secretary - Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Romania; Bogdan ORESCOVI - Solar Insurance & Finance; Ovidiu APOSTOL, Managing Director, ISPE - Institute for Studies and Power Engineering
Silvia VLASCEANU, General Director, Association of Utilies Companies from the Energy Field ACUE; Guido Rossmann, Managing Director - SER Sustainable Equity Return GmbH & Co. KG; Manuele Ceccarelli, Business Development South-East Europe – Ingeteam

Side Events - many and varied
RENEXPO® SOLAR creates the ideal meeting point for PV experts from Romania and abroad to exchange know-how, get in touch with key persons from PV field in Romania and present their products and services on the Romanian market.

Specialist Forum
Additional to the trade fair, the specialists forum offer for visitors the possibility to get informed for free about the latest products, services and business interests of the exhibitors.

PV Professional Networking Evening
Let`s finish the first day of the trade fair and conference in style and in a cosy atmosphere.
At the PV Professional Networking Evening trade fair exhibitors, conference participants, speakers, partners and co-organisers have the chance of networking in a pleasant ambiance.

RENEXPO® Solar in Numbers (expected)
80 exhibitors on 3.000mp area
2.200 professional visitors
200 conference participants

Exhibitors 2012 (selection): IBC Solar, Krinner Romania, Martifer Solar, IDEEMASUN energy, HIS Renewable, Hymon Energy, Ingeteam, Apolo Solar, RECOM, PUK Solar, Sunrise PV, RAVANO, PEV, Fronius
Exhibitors 2013 (selection): Gehrlicher Solar, Conergy, Inversolar Energy SRL, FILKAB, PM Service, Espe RO, Electro Sistem, Danubius Power SRL, Jinko Solar, Solare Datensysteme, Energovoltaic

Target groups:
- Chief executives, product managers and project developers of module and cell manufacturers, producers of inverters and power components, suppliers of foundations, substructures, cabling and other components
- Planners, contractors, installers, engineering and construction companies
- Utilities and manufacturing / service companies from conventional power industry
- Sales managers responsible for large-scale systems
- Insurance companies, brokers and agencies
- Investment banks and investors
- Political representatives
- Energy agencies
- Attorneys involved in large-scale PV projects
- Journalists addressing economic, technological and energy issues

Language: English/Romanian

When and Where:
November 20th-22nd, 2013 in
Bucharest/ Pantelimon at EXPOROM

Opening Ceremony
Official opening ceremony of the trade fair with representatives from politics, associations, institutions and media.

Renewable Energy AWARD powered by RENEXPO® SOLAR
For the second time, the "Renewable Energy Award powered by RENEXPO® South-East Europe" will be presented in two categories: Outstanding Personality and Innovative Technology. Application deadline is 31st of October 2013.

See more details online: www.renexpo-bucharest.com


In Constanta, Romania,  local Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Agriculture will support second edition of CONSTRUCT - ROMTHERM fair. The event will be held at EuroLitoral Business Center from Mamaia.

26-28 Septembrie

more info :

Ankara, Turkey: the largest system on the roof was make by Baymak

10.5 kWp photovoltaic system with power, the largest system in Ankara established industrial area on the roof top was signed and install by BAYMAK . During the two-day installation, systems, construction and completion of the installation of the roof panels, as well as be integrated into the system wiring and electrical connections are performed.

Regional technical services and resellers, system installation training, product training, installation practices, electrical connections, and practical ways of working were discussed in a detailed way. Intake system to activate the system to run with the first production values, and the amount was withdrawn.

After 2-day training and installation dealers and regional technical services in the province of Ankara, the network connection is available, and the system did the construction of the roof installation application, a detailed study on the realization of electrical connections saw.

Frimu Ghinea


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