Expert Tetiana Tymochko regarding Ukraine : “It is necessary to learn using colliery gas... to develop wind, solar and bioenergy".

Head of the All-Ukrainian Ecological League Tetiana Tymochko told a press conference “Shale gas: U.S. experience and perspectives in Ukraine,” held in Lviv, Ukrinform reports.

“It is necessary to learn using colliery gas, its annual volume is about 5 billion cu m, to develop wind, solar and bioenergy. Another 28% of gas remains in the dome of abandoned wells. There are many factors, which allow decreasing the pressure on the environment and preserving the nature for future generations,” the expert noted.

Ukraine must be more active in search of an alternative to traditional energy resources and seriously solve a problem of energy efficiency at the expense of up-to-date technologies and the rational use of the operating deposits, production of electric energy from renewable resources, etc.

According to her, Ukraine does not resort to energy conservation and alternative energy development, but chooses a traditional way, relying on the use of underground deposits, nuclear power, etc.

Recently, a group of Ukrainian experts returned from the United States, where they familiarized with shale gas production, met with environmentalists, representatives of the Department of State, visited drilling sites and reclaimed areas.

“Everything operates ideally in that country. This cannot be achieved in Ukraine. The Yuzivske field has serious faults, and when development of shale rock will start through fracturing, this can deepen them. The Oleske field is characterized by karstic conditions,” Tymochko noted.

She believes that before taking on this serious and responsible affair in Ukraine, it is worth to use what we have to the maximum, to use and involve alternative sources for production of energy resources, which do not pose risks to the environment.


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