Slovakia - how solar thermal market has plunged

After some years in 2010 Slovakia was one of the countries at the forefront of the solar thermal industry. Market in acceptable terms, government subsidies support and it indicates an industry on the rise.

In 2010 the market for solar thermal was 15,000 square meters and in 2011 grow to 23,000 square meters. We can say that the year 2011 was the last year of prosperity of this industry.

In 2012 sales was only 7500 square meters which is a decrease of 67.4% and the preliminary data for 2013 estimate that this decline will increase. A major impact is that the government grants program was stopped in mid of 2012. The market fall was accentuated by several factors.

Besides subsidies stopped of investments have cut much of past sales, also private investments were simply pulled from the market in a few years.

Out of this situation will be difficult. Slovakia will not have probable in the coming years afford a subsidy and major investments. So I can say it will be a small market, with modest increases or decreases. The downside is that some of the companies involved in this market either went bankrupt or already oriented towards to other sectors and keeping thermal solar systems and “others offer” only. In my opinion "others offer" can't create and maintain this industry. 

Mihai Vintila  
Romania, renewable energy consultant

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