3rd Photovoltaic Conference. Polish Photovoltaics on the threshold of change

The topic of the conference will be an overview of the practical problems concerning the support mechanisms and legal and administrative conditions of PV development in Poland. The conference, organized by Polish Photovoltaics Association in cooperation with RECCO, will include a review of the development of PV markets in Europe and worldwide. Experts from photovoltaics associations, as well as PV industry representatives, transport grid operators, representatives of state and regional authorities will discuss the opportunities and barriers for photovoltaics development in Poland.

They will consider specific recommendations concerning the ways to overcome arising difficulties. The conference will especially focus on the process of investment in PV sector in the light of the currently debated law on RES. Particularly, it will look at the investment process of PV systems and the barriers it encounters. During the panel discussion we will try to suggest particular recommendations concerning the ways to overcome arising difficulties. The obstacles faced by the PV industry representatives in Poland will be discussed against the background of other European markets experience.

Conference objectives
- Presenting detailed information concerning support mechanisms and legal and administrative barriers in the process of designing the installation of PV systems in Poland and Europe;
- Presenting suggested solutions to overcome existing limitations (specially developed for this purpose);
- Creating an opportunity to discuss presented recommendations;
- Creating conditions for tightening the contacts between representatives of industry, transport grid operators and authorities.

Date: Wednesday, 16/10/2013
Place: Warsaw Exhibition Centre EXPO XXI

More info on http://www.renexpo-warsaw.com/fotowoltaika.html?&L=1

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