TIAB - high quality works for three PV solar parks

TIAB9.94 MW Grojdibodu PV Park
Grojdibodu, Olt county – the largest solar project developed in Romania with an area of 33ha comprises 42.000 solar modules and can supply about 10.000 households annually. The project, property of STUDINA SOLAR developer and carried out by TIAB in partnership with EFACEC Central Europe Limited as main contractor, has started on October 15 th, 2012 and was generating power on December 14, 2012 (two months). TIAB has proved once again speed of reaction and a high level of quality in execution.

7.55 MW Stanesti PV Park
Stanesti, Giurgiu county – the third largest photovoltaic park in Romania, houses 30.888 solar modules that are producing clean energy on the 17 hectares site. The works began mid October and the project was generating power approximately 10 weeks later, thus being executed in a short term target. The project is the property of Long Bridge Millenium and was developed by TIAB for its client ABB GmbH Mannheim, the main contractor of the project.

5.44 MW Leu PV Park
Leu, Dolj county – the park, property of XALADINE ENERGY and developed in partnership with ANSALDO SISTEMI INDUSTRIALI as main contractor, spans on an area of 17ha and incorporates 23.000 solar modules. The project has started on November 21st, 2012 and was producing energy on February 24th, 2013 (three months).

TIAB has once again demonstrated its involvement in performing high quality works with tight deadline, relaying on its qualified specialists.

source:  www.tiab.ro

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