RENERGY AWARD for Innovation and Creativity at RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE

Outstanding personalities and renewable energy companies in Romania and abroad will gather at the Professional Networking Evening hosted by RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, where for the 2nd time the RENERGY AWARD will be offered. Through this award REECO, the event organiser wants to reward the initiative and creativity of those involved and who contribute to the renewable energy sector development in Romania.

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Reflection of sunlight and glare from large solar parks

TÜV Rheinland has developed a new test program for studying the reflection of sunlight by modules in large photovoltaic plants. The reflection of sunlight by the glass of the solar modules is measured in the laboratory and the risks of glare over the entire year are determined for the purpose of selecting the location of a solar plant. For calculating possible glare, TÜV Rheinland employs software internally developed for providing project planners, installers and investors of photovoltaic systems comprehensive security when selecting locations.

Unpleasant reflections and glaring sunlight from large solar parks can jeopardise passing traffic. This must be especially kept in mind with main thoroughfares and in the vicinity of airports. The issue can already be precisely examined in advance of installation. In the individual case an analysis will be absolutely necessary in order to obtain construction approval.

Such independent 'glare assessments' can provide greater security to facility operators. In a procedure recognised by the German Accreditation Body, and based on DIN 5034-2 ('Daylight in Interiors; Principles'), experts from TÜV Rheinland investigate times, duration and frequency of the immissions by the light that would be reflected by the planned solar facility over the entire year, in all directions. On the basis of these results it is then possible not only to optimise the location selection and orientation of the systems, but also to include any anti-glare measures during the planning phase. Expensive rectifications or even litigation can then be ideally ruled out in advance.

With its additional lab studies TÜV Rheinland goes one step further, however: analyses in the lab determine the angle-dependent coefficient of reflection of the glass surfaces of solar modules, which is then used in calculating the maximum irradiance of the reflections for the planned project.

TÜV Rheinland will be presenting this innovative simulation procedure at the 28th international EU PVSEC 2013 in Paris.

source : TÜV Rheinland


TÜV Rheinland: hailstorm test for solar collectors and photovoltaic modules

At its Cologne Solar Centre TÜV Rheinland is offering a more stringent hailstorm test for solar collectors and photovoltaic modules. The test with a 35-millimetre sphere and four times higher energy represents particular stress levels.

Global climatic changes are increasingly resulting in damage from severe storms, with far-reaching effects. More stringent testing therefore provides greater information and certainty on product quality, particularly under hailstorm conditions. The new  hailstorm test rig is already recognised by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS).

Effective immediately, photovoltaic modules and solar collectors, as well as other industrial products, can be bombarded with 35-millimetre hailstones impacting at a speed of 27.2 metres per second. Initial tests have already been successfully concluded on solar collectors.

The 35-millimetre stones have nearly three times the mass of 25-millimetre stones, and carry nearly four times the kinetic energy. Insurers and project planners are right to insist more and more on the tougher testing, since damage to solar systems from hailstorms has considerably increased over past years.

National reality also play an important role. In Switzerland and Austria building damage from hail has become more frequent in recent years. In response to the resulting increasing regulatory costs, Swiss insurance companies now require stricter hail testing for PV modules and solar collectors. In this case, the previous IEC standard test of hail class 2 (25 mm) should be replaced by testing with hail class 3 (35 mm). The resulting new test conditions also bring about a shift in category from T0 to T1 on the internationally recognised TORRO scale (for registering the intensity of tornadoes and strong winds).

source : TÜV Rheinland

9th Energy Saving Exhibition “SAVENERGY 2013” (Nicosia 20 - 22September 2013)

The Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) announces the organization of the 9th Energy Saving Exhibition “SAVENERGY 2013” which will take place at the Cyprus International Fair grounds (EXPO) in Nicosia between the 20th and 22th of September 2013. The SAVENERGY Exhibition is organized in cooperation with the Cyprus Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Electricity Authority of Cyprus.

The “SAVENERGY” exhibition is considered amongst Cyprus’ best exhibitions and thus apart from the publicity given by the organizers it is well covered by the local mass media. It is worth mentioning that "SAVENERGY 2012” was visited by more than 25.000 trade visitors and consumers. More than 90% of the “SAVENERGY 2012” exhibitors stated that the exhibition was a great success, while 95% of them stated that they will surely participate at “SAVENERGY 2013”. None of the exhibitors have negative comments about the exhibition.

Exhibits at the “SAVENERGY 2013” include:

    Solar water heaters
    Energy saving cooling and heating systems/technologies
    Wind, biomass and photovoltaic-panel generated electric supply
    Thermal insulation materials
    Low emission light bulbs
    Energy management systems
    Generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of energy equipment
    Non-productive energy consumption and energy losses reduction materials/equipment
    Cogeneration of electricity and heating/cooling systems
    Electric and hybridic cars, etc

Participants at “SAVENERGY 2013” can also service providers such as architects, mechanical and electrical engineer consultants, energy consultants, bank institutions etc.

Participations at “SAVENERGY 2013” cost only 76 Euros per square meter stand construction included or 62 Euros per square meter for the use of the exhibition space only.

Anyone interested to participate at “SAVENERGY 2013” may do so by completing the “Participation Form” under "Informations for Exhibitors" and sending it to the Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) by the 26th of August 2013 (2 Acropoleos Avenue & Glafkou str., P.O.Box 21657, 1511 Nicosia, Cyprus).

For further information you may contact as at the e-mail:, tel.  +357 22665102 , or Fax + 357 22669459.

FRY Macedonia : TEHNOMA 2013

39th International Fair of Metallurgy, Electronic, Energy, Non-Metals, Construction, Security and Protection

Tehnoma is the brand that unites representatives of the biggest local and foreign manufactures from the fields of metallurgy, electrical and technical engineering, energy, non-metals, the building industry, security and protection for forty decades.

TEHNOMA is the fair where the national industries of many countries, districts and regions are presented by organization of accompanying expert program and B2B meetings as well.

Therefore, TEHNOMA is the fair that is visited by thousands of visitors like decision – makers of business, investments and experts.

Duration:15/10/2013 - 19/10/2013
Skopje Fair, Belasica 2, 1130 Skopje, FRY Macedonia

378.5 MW of solar parks in Romania

According to the latest data published by Transelectrica at the end of June Romania had approximately 378.5 MW of solar parks, equivalence investments of nearly 600 million euro.

Made significant jump field is if taken into account that at the end of 2012 in Romania is producing only 49 MW in solar projects and in 2011 was one megawatt.

Frimu Ghinea

Lithuania : Jaroslav Neverovich want more peoples in Energy Ministery

The minister of energy asked to increase the number of the ministry's staff by 14 people. If this happens, 94 people will be working in the ministry.Lithuania’s Minister of Energy Jaroslav Neverovich has proposed the project related to the possibility to charge the Ministry of Energy with the responsibility of the distribution of the European Union (EU) funding from 2014. As a result, the minister asked to increase the number of the ministry's staff by 14 people, informs LETA/ELTA.

Oleh Zarubinsky MP : Ukraine should adopt European trends and it is 40-50 percent of renewable energy in 10-15 years

Ukraine's government has been proposed to increase the share of renewable energy in the energy balance of the country as part of improving the Energy Strategy 2030. This initiative was put forward by First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fuel and Energy Sector, Nuclear Policy and Nuclear Safety Oleh Zarubinsky MP.

"I have turned to Prime Minister Mykola Azarov and Minister of Energy and Coal Industry Eduard Stavytsky as a member of the board of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry that this strategy - for it's not concrete, not a law or code - increase the share of green energy," the MP told Ukrinform.

"The share of renewable energy sources, including thanks to my law on the 'green tariff', has grown nearly 4 times in two years. I would like someone to show where there is still such progress," the politician continued. According to him, "this pace should not only be slowed down, but built up."

"If we are talking about the European path, we should adopt European trends, and it is 40-50 percent of renewable energy in 10-15 years, when it comes, for example, about Germany and the Nordic countries," Zarubinsky noted.

According to him, currently the share of renewable energy in the energy balance does not reach 1 percent. "Therefore, it is necessary to invest in the Sun, wind, hydro-electric power stations - in the energy, associated with the renewable sources, and not with what the 'mother nature' has given," the MP stressed.

As reported, in late July the government approved the updated Energy Strategy of Ukraine 2030. The text of the document has not yet been made public.

In the baseline scenario it has been assumed that by 2030, solar, wind and small hydro power plants will generate 13 billion kW/h of electricity compared to 0.8 billion kW/h in 2012. After the adoption of the document, it was proposed to increase this figure three times to about 40 billion kW/h.

According to experts, the development of renewable energy at a faster rate carries risks of technological stability of the integrated energy system. European countries, including Germany and Spain, have already reduced subsidies for renewable energy. The Czech Republic, due to the threat of a trouble-free operation of the network, reduced the tariff for such generation two-fold. At the same time, in the country after the introduction of 1,600 MW of "green generation" in 2011, electricity rose in price by 13 percent for households and 25-28 percent - for the industry.

source : Ukrinform

International construction expo Budpragres 2013, Belarus

Over 230 companies from nine countries worldwide will take part in the international construction expo Budpragres 2013 that will be held in Minsk on 10-13 September, BelTA learnt from the organizing committee.

The participants include construction companies and organizations from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Austria and Turkey. The companies will be able to showcase their best products during the expo.

Local companies that are set to participate in the expo include the Management Company of the Zabudova Holding Company, RosEvroGroup, Coswick, and others. Amkodor, Zhlobin Mechanical Plant Dnieper, Minsk Motor Plant and other producers of special-purpose machines will demonstrate their novelties on the open-air ground that covers about 3,000 square meters.

The collective booth of the Architecture and Construction Ministry will feature leading industrial companies and research facilities, like Granit, Molodechno Metal-Structures Plant and other industry players.

The organizing committee noted that the expo is held against the background of new government-initiated approaches to housing construction in Belarus. “More rented homes, commercial housing and low-rise detached houses will be built in the country. More houses will be erected in the suburbs of big cities. These houses should have the optimal number of floors, be energy-efficient and cost-effective. The emphasis will be made on rationality, energy- and resource- efficiency, optimal architectural forms and a high level of industrialization,” the organizers of the event said. They emphasized that the expo will feature a broad variety of construction materials, technologies, heating equipment, special machinery, lighting equipment and protective gear.

The business program of the exhibition includes a seminar on sectional and panoramic gates and handling equipment, specialized seminars on pumps and pumping stations used in heating, air conditioning, water supply, fire fighting, water drainage and land reclamation and sections on innovative construction materials and technologies in Belarus. There are plans to hold a training session on sales techniques and a conference to discuss sale of doors. The purpose of the conference is to review the situation in the market of doors, identify new market trends, analyze the market structure and capacity, export potential of Belarusian manufacturers and make projections for the short-term period. Last year about 50 representatives of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers took part in the conference.

Representatives of the State Committee for Science and Technology will take part in the business part of the forum. They will present reports on new construction technologies and materials.

Budpragres is Belarus’ biggest construction exhibition. In 2012 it gathered 350 companies from 11 countries, including Belarus, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Finland, Czechia and Switzerland.

The forum is organized by Minskexpo with assistance of the Architecture and Construction Ministry of Belarus.

Power-One’s AURORA TRIO inverters used in one of the largest solar parks in Lithuania

Power-One, a member of the ABB Group and the world’s second largest designer and manufacturer of photovoltaic inverters, today announced that UAB SOLAR LT, a Lithuanian provider of technical equipment and services, chose Power-One’s popular three-phase, 1,000V DC AURORA TRIO-27.6 and AURORA TRIO-20.0 string inverters for a 1.5MW solar park near Oranai, Lithuania. The solar park is the first PV installation in the Southwestern Suvalkija region and one of the largest solar plants in the country.

UAB SOLAR LT installed more than 6,224 solar modules in an area of 3.98 ha. The company used 48 Power-One AURORA TRIO-27.6 string inverters and one AURORA TRIO-20.0. The inverters are especially suited for commercial use with an efficiency of up to 98.3 percent, two independent MPP trackers as well as an output of 27.6kW and 20.0kW respectively. Connected to the grid in mid-May 2013, the plant has already produced more than 781 MWh of clean energy, equaling the energy consumption of approximately 200 Lithuanian three-person households as well as CO² savings of almost 431 tons.

In Lithuania the energy market depends highly on imported fossils fuels since it has only small domestic oil and gas deposits in the Western part of the country and in the Baltic Sea. Furthermore, the nuclear power plant Ignalina, which covered nearly one third of Lithuania’s energy needs, was closed in 2009. As a result, the government is currently working to increase the share of renewable energy sources to 23 percent of overall energy consumption by 2020.

“We are delighted to be one of the first Lithuanian companies deploying Power-One string-inverters,” said Zilvinas Skardzius from UAB SOLAR LT. “Due to their wide input voltage range they were the perfect choice for this region with its comparatively low solar irradiation.”

“This exciting project gave us the opportunity to support UAB SOLAR LT in their pioneer work for PV energy in this region,” added Gerhard Schackert, Sales Director Northern EMEA at Power-One. “It is very impressive how the company strives to promote solar energy projects in Lithuania and we are looking forward to supporting them further.”

RENSEF, Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Exhibition, in Antalya during 31st October - 3rd November 2013.

It seems that Antalya is a rising star, an attractive meeting point for the Renewable Energy Systems Industry. Especially the interest of the solar industry is very high. According to the statistics of TEIAS Antalya consumes the 3.03 % of the total energy consumption in turkey with 5.223.958 KWh. On the other hand it produces the 3,75% of the energy production with a total of 1977 MW power in the province.

Antalya had hosted more than 11.000.000 tourists in more than 2.000 hotels with bed capacity of 550.000. If you consider that an ordinary hotel is consuming around 3 MW of energy every month... you can guess how much the hoteliers are paying to the electricity providers. More than 100.000 greenhouses are producing vegetables in the province together with 3.500.000 tons of biowaste.

Visit in 31st October - 3rd November 2013 in Antalya in RENSEF exhibition.

Turkey : 2nd Solar Semposium Antalya 31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2013

Antalya Branch and the Chamber of Electrical Engineers and the Chamber of Architects Antalya Branch, are organizing the 2nd Solar Semposium at 31st October to 2nd November 2013 in Antalya where at least 300 days of sunshine per year exceeds 1,312 kWh sunshine strength is falling per square meter per year.

The aim of the symposium to gather the professionals from private and public sectors that are working in the implementation of these technologies, the law makers, public executives, researchers, academicians and industrialist around content rich forums, to help to spread the usage fields of solar energy, to inform our public about the domestic and foreign technologies usage and production in our country.


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