Reflection of sunlight and glare from large solar parks

TÜV Rheinland has developed a new test program for studying the reflection of sunlight by modules in large photovoltaic plants. The reflection of sunlight by the glass of the solar modules is measured in the laboratory and the risks of glare over the entire year are determined for the purpose of selecting the location of a solar plant. For calculating possible glare, TÜV Rheinland employs software internally developed for providing project planners, installers and investors of photovoltaic systems comprehensive security when selecting locations.

Unpleasant reflections and glaring sunlight from large solar parks can jeopardise passing traffic. This must be especially kept in mind with main thoroughfares and in the vicinity of airports. The issue can already be precisely examined in advance of installation. In the individual case an analysis will be absolutely necessary in order to obtain construction approval.

Such independent 'glare assessments' can provide greater security to facility operators. In a procedure recognised by the German Accreditation Body, and based on DIN 5034-2 ('Daylight in Interiors; Principles'), experts from TÜV Rheinland investigate times, duration and frequency of the immissions by the light that would be reflected by the planned solar facility over the entire year, in all directions. On the basis of these results it is then possible not only to optimise the location selection and orientation of the systems, but also to include any anti-glare measures during the planning phase. Expensive rectifications or even litigation can then be ideally ruled out in advance.

With its additional lab studies TÜV Rheinland goes one step further, however: analyses in the lab determine the angle-dependent coefficient of reflection of the glass surfaces of solar modules, which is then used in calculating the maximum irradiance of the reflections for the planned project.

TÜV Rheinland will be presenting this innovative simulation procedure at the 28th international EU PVSEC 2013 in Paris.

source : TÜV Rheinland


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