The largest integrated environmental project in Romania : wastewater treatment plant at Glina.

Bucharest General Mayor Sorin Oprescu and Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Rovana Plumb signed a funding agreement for a project for the finalisation of a wastewater treatment plant at Glina.

According to the Bucharest General Mayoralty, the project 'Finalising the wastewater treatment plant at Glina, rehabilitating the main sewerage collectors and the Dambovita collecting sewage' is an integrated project that marks an important stage in the overall rehabilitation and expansion of the city's sewage system. This will be the largest integrated environmental project in Romania of the past 20 years.

The project's worth is put at 416,519,607 euros, VAT included. The money comes under operational programme the environment (62.63 per cent), the national budget (7.70 per cent), the Bucharest City budget (0.71 per cent) and other legal sources (28.96 per cent).

'This is the biggest such plant in South-Eastern Europe and it allows for the cleaning up of the Dambovita River and part of the Arges River, thus precluding the pollution of the Danube and the Black Sea,' according to Oprescu.

He said that the second phase of the project should end on December 31, 2015.

'The project I signed today is the biggest integrated environmental project in Romania, the widest ranging one and most impactful, symbolising respect to the citizens and the environment. Moreover, it is for the first time in Romania that one of the newest green technologies is being implemented, for mud treatment, with the construction of a mud incinerator related to the project. I hope that over 2 million citizens of Bucharest City ad 11 localities in the environs will benefit from a sewage system that is up to the highest European standards, and we also hope to diminish pollution of the Dambovita basin, the Danube and Black Sea to a minimum,' said Minister Plumb.

In another line of thought, she added that Romania has reached an absorption rate of 1 billion euro under operational programme the environment.

source : AGERPRES

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