6th International Conference - Small Hydropower Plants in Romania

Rivers in mountain areas of Romania can provide, through facilities relatively simple, low cost electricity with reduced or positive impact on the environment. It is true that the installed unit it is small, but if you multiply this with 1000 - the approximate number of possible arrangements - national installed power become significant!

Besides the production of renewable energy, clean, relatively uniform spread on the mountainous area of the country, small hydropower (MHC) have as advantages:

- regulation of watercourses, prevent flooding and landslides;
- providing water for villages located near the MHC;
- new jobs;
- increase economic activity in the area;
- source of energy for powering isolated settlements who do not have today access to electricity;
- opportunity for the improvement of roads, enhance the local tourism potential;
- opportunities for fishing;
- water removal from the supply pool of MHC, for irrigation or other water uses.

In the support of the hydropower potential capitalization through the construction of MHC, come also the allocation of green certificates proved to be strong incentives for the investors, together with the availability of low-cost source.

Informing the investors about the current status, regulations and funding possibilities for small hydropower from south-eastern Europe region has become a necessity.

Therefore, The 6th International Conference - Small Hydropower in Romania, keeps the tradition of the past  two years and will bring under the same roof experts and people in the small hydropower area in Romania and Europe.

In 2013 among the topics are:
- Renewable energy legislation, namely SHP
- Minimizing SHP impact on the environment
- Classic and newer techniques and technologies for SHP
- SHP Project Management
- Experiences of investors, developers, manufacturers and suppliers of SHP Equipments
- Experiences of owners / SHP Operators
- SHP Projects market

22nd of November 2013, EXPOROM-Bucharest
Str. Biruinței, No.98, Bucharest Belt Driveway

for more info visit http://www.renexpo-bucharest.com/hydropower-conference.html

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