ANRE: Investments in renewable energy exceeding 4.4 billion euros in Romania

Romania has so far attracted investments of over € 4.4 billion in renewables sector , said , deputy National Regulatory Authority for Energy , Emil Calota. "It is known that , up to now , we have more than 4.4 billion investment in the field," he said in a debate organized profile of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry .

According to the commitments that Romania has undertaken towards the European Commission for 2020 is 24% of total energy from renewable sources relative to total electricity consumption . However, given that 2013 is considered a renewable energy boom in our country is very close to achieving the 2020 targets for green energy not only through investments, but amid gross electricity consumption low.

"I think it would be interesting for the energy strategy to think that Romania in the year 2013 - 2014 is very close to achieving the 2020 targets for green energy but not necessarily for the investment went very well , but also because unfortunately gross electricity consumption and total consumption decreased on the one hand because of the general recession , and on the other hand because of the large economic destructuring consumers in Romania " .

Calota : wind " went pretty well," boom is given by solar energy

ANRE Vice President added that , according to the latest data , we now have 3,150 MW as tire accredited with the support scheme in accordance with the law .

" I had you on the last meeting of the Regulatory Committee , where I had a chapter on the authorization , licensing and accreditation of new capacities of electricity produced from renewable sources. At this point , we have 3,150 MW as tire accredited with the support scheme in accordance with the law .

The technological structure , it is worth noting that the exact areas that Romania had the prerequisites of development - for natural resources as comparative advantage in relation to the global energy market they had exactly these two domains - are left behind , that the best technologies are lagging biomass , biogas and geothermal , and hydro , "said Emil Calota .

He noted that wind energy "went pretty well " because now there are nearly 2,000 MW , the boom in renewable energy photovoltaic capacity is given by where , until now, almost 650 MW are accredited .

"We still work 33 MW that are only authorizations for the establishment and are in various stages of making samples and count them to achieve the plan ( of action in the field - no) , so will reach 680 MW ," he ANRE representative said .

Regarding the legal framework , the only one who still finds the law in question, on the one hand, the European Commission , on the other hand debate in Parliament is law approving Ordinance 57 .

"We are now presenting the promotion system . Which Romania supported through support by an estimated budget to support the 15-year period , a total budget of about 14-15 billion, is found in a number of certificates awarded to each MWh produced and delivered to the national grid .

The generous support of the four core technologies photovoltaic technology has just six green certificates for each MWh produced and delivered , "said vice president of ANRE.

Frimu Ghinea

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