EFdeN solar prototype for Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

11/06/20130 comentarii

EFdeN proposal was presented: an energy efficient solar house, modular and adaptable to site and user needs, intended for urban densification as a solution to the problem of housing and mobility.

A dwelling which aims to bring nature closer to the individual, even in the middle of town, by integrating a green space. Dedicated to the concept of "urban farming", this area is the central architectural element, a generator communities in semi-public space, but most importantly, by integrating the emissions hybrid gets its perfect innovation in energy-efficient construction.

The official launch EFdeN was only a first step. At the beginning of 2014 to begin construction of the prototype, because in April it is open to the public in Romania. The culmination of the project will be, but in June 2014 when the house will be installed in solar village of Versailles.

EFdeN represent Romania at the International Solar Decathlon Europe 2014, the most prestigious competition dedicated integrated solar architecture and technology students.

Mihai Vintila
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