Energy Always a Challenge IV

New international workshop will open in Bucharest in this days. Energy Always a Challenge will brings together big names and addresses energy in an interactive new trends regarding renewables in Politehnica University from Bucharest .

The event will run from November 20 to 29, 2013. Workshop program will include in the first week, for three days , conferences , meetings and presentations to the Romanian students , all of the games theme market power, green certificates and renewable energy sources .

In the second week, over a period of five days shall be in specialized laboratories integration of renewable energy sources in the national power system. These practical sessions are aimed not only familiarity with the work environment integrated SCADA software, but also to develop participants' knowledge and teamwork.

The workshop will bring together both foreign participants - 15 to 20 students at technical universities across Europe and a total of 100 students from the Polithnica University of Bucharest. It's worth mentioning that both conferences and labs, speakers and special guests will be present .

More information about the workshop can be found on the event website : / energy

Frimu Ghinea 

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