Romania : investors in renewable energy continues to seek approval for new projects in a sustained rhythm

Investors in renewable energy continues to seek approval for new projects in a sustained rhythm , although the government has reduced subsidies for this sector and announced new cuts in the next period . Romanian Government postponed from July 1 part of green certificates are granted to producers of renewable energy , which they expected to recover in the period 2017-2020 . However, investors continue knocking authorities to obtain the necessary approvals of starting new projects.

Transelectrica expects 20,000 MW projects to obtain approvals for connection to the network. Similarly, the Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE ) continues to endorse the same rate all kinds of projects , especially solar . Regulatory Committee of ANRE has weekly meetings in approving such projects. For example, in the last session of 6 November regulator ANRE forum granted 12 licenses for setting energy projects , including new solar , small hydro and two wind project .

Data published by Transelectrica show that if the December 31, 2012 were in Romania photovoltaic parks with an aggregate capacity of 49.3 MW , after nine months of 2013 were in operation 553 MW projects , so ten times more .
In total, 30 September 2013 , in Romania were in operation producing energy capacity of 3,393 MW from renewable sources in total , as follows: 2,307 MW wind turbines , photovoltaic panels of 553 MW , 480 MW small hydro and biomass projects 53 MW .

Target assumed by Romania in accordance with the European directive on energy from renewable sources in final energy consumption in 2020 , 24 % was achieved in 2010 at 23.6 % . Romania was ranked 2nd among EU Member States on the progress of the proposed target .

The share of renewable energy in final consumption of electricity in the first four months of 2013 was 39.4 %, above the assumed target for 2020 of 38% , according to the Department of Energy .

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