Toshiba invests 37 million euros in two solar parks in Brasov, Romania

Toshiba Transmission and Distribution Company , a subsidiary of Japanese corporation Toshiba, two parks built in Brasov energy production from photovoltaic sources Energreen Investment Company in Luxembourg Europe .

Investment in the construction of two photovoltaic parks amounted to about 37 million, and projects are conducted through companies Vis Elisolar and Solaris , both controlled by Energreen Investment Group.

Elisolar is building an approximately 5 MW solar park in town Halchiu , Brasov, and the company has an ongoing Vis Solaris 17 MW photovoltaic project in Hoghiz same county .

"Toshiba is the entrepreneur works. We hope to Halchiu photovoltaic park to be completed by the end of this year, " said  Cristian Blaj Elisolar administrator .

Toshiba Transmission and Distribution Company provides electricity distribution equipment for factories , residential and energy production units .

Frimu Ghinea

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