Energy Revolution In Romania In 2014 - discussion with Cosmin Trif, Marketing Strategy R.E.S. Group, organizer of the RoEnergy Romania Trade Fair

Why will be a Energy Revolution In Romania In 2014?
Thus, according to ANRE, private households  and small businesses will benefit, starting with 2014, of subsidies  for the installation of small production units of renewable energy (solar PV, wind, small hydropower, biomass, biogas), which will cover their consumption needs.

According to the Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE), the feed in tariff would be around 200 euros / MWh, and subsidies will be given for 15 years.

Also in 2014, analysts estimate that fundings to increase energy efficiency, both in industry and in the residential and social, will considerably increase. Therefore, will increase investments in photovoltaic, biogas, biomass, cogeneration and hydropower as sustainable alternative fulfillment of long-term economic  aspirations.

Would you want to be updated with the Romanian renewable market?
The simplest way is to attend at the fourth edition of the RoEnergy Bucharest 2014 Trade Fair-International Trade Fair of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency which will take place in 11, 12, 13 June 2014 at ROMAERO, district  1, in Bucharest, the most important industry Event of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Romania, returns  to the capital of Romania with a new interactive and a more diversified approach.

Besides the Exhibition, under the  RoEnergy Trade Fair "umbrella"  will be a series of events from which we are mentioning few: Solar Conference in Romania ( Thermal and PV sector), German Day at RoEnergy,  Italy Day at RoEnergy, Workshop AREL, Economic Missions, Greece  Day at RoEnergy, Bioenergy Conference etc.

From 2010 until present  the RoEnergy Trade Fair facilitated thousands of contacts with the local and foreign companies and also with the authorities from Romania. Basically, in most cases we can say that the RoEnergy Trade Fair was the gateway to Western companies entering Romania. There were cases in which some companies did not know anything about Romania until participating to the RoEnergy Trade Fair. And the greatest satisfaction of ours is to see that those companies currently hold significant  RES investments in the Romanian market - said  Mr.Cosmin Trif, Marketing Strategy R.E.S. Group, organizer of the RoEnergy Romania Trade Fair.

RoEnergy Bucharest Trade Fair 2013 Retrospective
At the previous RoEnergy Bucharest Trade Fair had  stands companies coming  from 13 countries from 3 continents: Europe (Germany, Italy, Greece, Poland, Spain, Bulgary, France, Turkey, Hungary, Romania, etc), North America (USA) and Asia (China, South Korea).

The RoEnergy Bucharest 2014 Themes
Trade Fair Themes (selection): solar(PV and thermal), bioenergy (biogas, biomass, biofuels, CHP), wind energy, hydropower, energy efficiency, energy infrastructure.

Info regarding ReEnergy: 
tel/fax : +40.357.436.266
mobil: +40.772.262.915
SC R.E.S. Group SRL

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