EFA launches Renewable Energy Programme-Rondine

Environment Fund Administration, as Programme Operator for ”Renewable Energy RO06” – Rondine, launching of the Programme funded under the EEA Grants 2009-2014.

The event brought together representatives of the Norwegian Embassy in Romania, the Ministry of Industries and Innovation in the Republic of Iceland, the Ministry of Environment and Cli-mate Change, Ministry of European Funds, representatives of Programme Partners form Donor States and other Programmme Operators, and potential beneficiaries from Romania with Norwe-gian and Icelandic partners.

Grant amount allocated to the program, including national contribution is 8,387,406 euros, to be supplemented with 4.27 million euro funding from Donor States.The programme has two components: hydropower and geothermal.

The hydropower component aims to achieve initial investment and refurbishment of hydropower plants, with the purpose of extending the production capacity of electricity from renewable sources. The geothermal component aims to achieve initial investments and reengineering of the thermal energy production plant that use geothermal energy, for the purpose of extending (in-creasing) the capacity for thermal energy production from renewable sources. Projects intended for locations where a heat distribution system is already in place will be eligible, including con-nections users, requiring only a connection to a geothermal source.

The eligible applicants for the hydropower component are public or private commercial entities. For the geothermal component, the eligible applicants are public or private commercial entities and/or local administrative units/authorities.
Also, during the seminar organized between potential beneficiaries from Romania and Norway and Iceland entities, possibilities for strengthening bilateral relations and facilitate the develop-ment of partnerships were discussed.

The Enviroment Fund Administration (EFA) has as main objective the implementation and fi-nancing of several types of programmes for sustainable development of Romania that will con-tribute to improve environmental infrastructure.

In recent years, EFA has funded from the Environment Fund programmes that have increased the implementation and use of renewable resources in pursuit of solar panels, wind, solar, biogas or biomass, hydro and geothermal plants.

Since 2012, by signing the Memorandum of Understanding with the governments of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein for the implementation of the EEA and Norway Grants 2009 – 2014, the general framework for the allocation of funds has been established on assistance granted by them on the following period.

The Environment Fund Administration has been designated Programme Operator on October 18, 2012, to promote the renewable energy use.

Through the European Economic Area (EEA) Agreement, three non-Member States of the Euro-pean Union, namely Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, part of the European internal market contribute to regional cohesion through programmes such as the EEA and Norway Grants. Of these, Norway is the largest donor, contributing with 97 percent of the total. EEA and Norway Grants are also intended to strengthen bilateral relations between the Donor States and Romania.

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