EU imposes definitive measures on Chinese solar panels. Tow years with duties taxes.

The Council  backed the Commission’s proposals to impose definitive anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures on imports of solar panels from China. In parallel, the Commission confirmed its Decision accepting the undertaking with Chinese solar panel exporters applied since the beginning of August.

The Council confirmed the level of the duty for those Chinese exporters of solar panels who cooperated with the investigations. The duties stay unchanged at an average of 47.7% and will apply for two years as of 6 December 2013.

The imposition of definitive measures needs to be seen in the context of the amicable solution reached with China which resulted in the undertaking. This undertaking, applied as part of the anti-dumping proceedings, is now confirmed and has been extended to the anti-subsidy proceeding. Hence, the final anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duty rates will apply only to those exports from China which do not meet the conditions set out in the undertaking. Those Chinese exporters that participate in the undertaking are exempt from paying the anti-dumping and anti-subsidy duties.

More on European Commision.


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