Medias, Romania - ambitions Pv projects

Medias Municipality has proposed more ambitious projects for the current year. One of them refers to power traffic lights with solar panels. This will be experienced at the new traffic light system in the food market, where traffic lights have been installed and photovoltaic panels . Mayor Medias Mr Teodor Neamţu belive the photovoltaic system will be extended to all the lights in the city, whether it will bear fruit .

"It is true, there are solar panels that will power the traffic lights near the food market. These systems are equipped with a system to store excess energy, so we will have a power reserve and night. If you pay off, the system will be extended to Medias. As part of the traffic light system will auto install two traffic lights and two lights for pedestrian crossings at street Mihai Eminescu. On Brancoveanu Street at the pedestrian crossing lights will be installed adjacent second self, flashing green one to the street and other to the street Madgaru Eminescu. On Virgil Madgaru  street will be installed two lights for pedestrians and for two more auto lights. Finally on the Tower street will be installed a flashing light for turn right "said Teodor Neamţu Mayor of Medias .

The project provides for the new traffic light system to be completed within 3 months of starting work .
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