New electrical plants in Romania

Electricity generation capacity in Romania will increase in the next six years with approximately 19 % after that will be put into operation almost 5,000 MW units . Simultaneously there will be decommissioned power equivalent to a quarter of the capacity of new power units, no later than the year following the commissioning of new power generation capacity .

The new projects are biogas Plant Amonil, a group of 500 MW coal, Oltenia Energy Complex with a 800 MW coal power plant and the company Braila Power ( a joint venture between E.ON and Enel ) with a new group 200 MW into Hunedoara Energy Complex . Other projects aimed at modernizing the existing groups and the construction of new units by ELCEN Bucharest and Arad CHPs , Govora and Braila . New projects will be funded in part with money from the sale of green certificates , which receives free Romania during 2013-2020 , following the signing of the Kyoto Protocol .

The next six years will be instead decommissioned eight production groups , totaling 1,235 MW. This year will be decommissioned two groups CET Brasov and a group of plant Doiceşti belonging plants.

Author : Frimu Ghinea

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