Apricus in Your Home Odessa 2014 fair

The trade show Your Home Odessa - International Exhibition and Conference on Building and Home Arrangement (Interior and Facade) was hosted in Odessa, Ukraine between 20-23 February 2014. One of the most interesting booth was Apricus. Неотепло OOO  show Apricus AP30 vaccum tube panel. More info about Apricus in Ukraine you can get on www.apricus-ukraine.com

Exhibitor was from sectors: architecture and design, building materials, technologies, surfaces, roofs, windows and doors, swimming pools, accessories for home, realty. Facade: Projecting, constructing, real estate, roof, isolation, windows and doors, facades, cast-in-place building, installation services, road building and construction machinery.

Fair was in Odessa Sea Commercial Port Exhibition Complex.

Author : Frimu Ghinea

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