Nagy from ANRE: 2013 the best year for renewable in Romania

The possibility of accreditation and license for the total renewable almost doubled at the end of 2013, compared to 2012, said Thursday, Zoltan Nagy, a member of the Board of the National Agency for Regulation in Energy (ANRE) from Romania.

He stressed that the year 2013 year was an exception for investors who have built more than 2000 MW,  the most PV. In addition, growth was recorded in the case of wind energy, where the possibilities grew 44%.

"In 2013, almost doubled the possibility of accreditation and license for the total renewable for only one year. This was the year, the exception for investors. Built more than 2000 MW of centrals, the most PV. 42 MW were obtained from the solar cells. But in this case the energy of wind have the big growth. This is with 44% higher," said Nagy at the HydroPower Energy Summit 2014.

According to ANRE, renewable energy production reached the level of record at the end of last year, when the total capacity of the existing projects in the system have reached 4.255 MW, with 82% more than at the end of 2012.

Thus, as end of December 2013, in the system was installed wind energy projects with a total capacity of 2.503 MW, photovoltaic 1.155 MW, biomass 65 MW and hydro - 530 MW.

Romania and it is assumed that 24% of the electricity consumption in 2020 to come from renewable sources, but ANRE announced that this goal was already achieved at January first 2014.

Author : Frimu Ghinea

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