EFdeN prototype in Baneasa Shopping City Parking

The prototype EFdeN will be built and exposed in a Baneasa Shopping City Parking in the period from 17 March to 9 June 2014. Officially, the shopping center from Bucharest support a representative of Romania in the final of the Solar Decathlon Europe and gives EFdeN space required to build the house of the future, which we have developed 12 months.

So, before the summer, Baneasa Shopping City Parking is bustling our work. In addition to the activities at the workplace, we promise that we will fill the area with dynamism and good mood through events that we organize evenings of documentary films which are aimed at the facade of the prototype, seminars with plants in the greenhouse, but also are the visits in the prototype as soon as it was completed and opened to the public.

source http://efden.org/blog/2014/03/03/efden-in-parcarea-baneasa-shopping-city/

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